These are the 4 Levels of Softness of a Mattress for a Better Sleep

These are the 4 Levels of Softness of a Mattress for a Better Sleep

Mattresses This is a household item that will be used for a long time. It is not surprising, we have to choose a mattress carefully so that it is durable and not easily damaged.

In addition to choosing the size and material of the mattress, we need to pay attention to the level of softness. Also, everyone has different preferences for the level of softness of the mattress.

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The more appropriate the level of softness, the more comfortable will be the mattress you use.

What are the levels of softness of a mattress?

Generally, there are 4 different levels of mattress softness that you can choose from. Instead of being confused, see the following review.

Mattresses extra firm It has dense foam with stable support. Because it is quite hard, the surface of this mattress will remain flat when you lie down. Here are the recommendations for mattresses by density stop.

kasur spring bed eco coconut fiber
Informa Sleep 160x200x20 Cm Kasur Eco Coco Fiber
An extra firm mattress that is anti-bacterial so it is good for health.

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kasur spring bed aloe ortho
Informa Sleep 160×200 Cm Aloe Ortho Roll Packed
This mattress is able to maintain the health of the anatomy of the body and prevent pain.

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2. Firmness level of the mattress Sign up

Like a mattress extra firmmattress stop quite hard and does not follow the shape of the body when stretched. This type of mattress is suitable for those of you who like to sleep on your stomach and back.

austin reports sleeping mattress tips
Informa Sleep 120x200x20 Cm Austin Kasur
A mattress with the right density for a more comfortable sleep.

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axton firm mattress
Informa Sleep 90×200 Cm Axton Kasur
A mattress with a fabric layer that is soft and comfortable to use.

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3. Mattresses Medium Sign up

Mattresses medium firm much loved by people because of the right level of tenderness. When you lie down, this mattress will sink slightly. Even though the foam is quite dense, you will still feel comfortable when sleeping in any position.

sleeping mattress firm media information
Informa Sleep 160x200x30 Cm Palermo Kasur
A medium firm mattress with an anti-microbial bamboo fiber cover.

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neo nature informa mattress
Informa Sleep 200x200x27 Cm Neo Nature Sleep
Medium firm mattress with durable bonel springs.

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4. Mattresses Medium Soft

If you like a soft mattress, you should choose a mattress with a level of softness medium soft. Although it is quite soft, you can stay balanced when you lie on it. This type of mattress is suitable for those of you who like to sleep on your side.

kasur latex informa sleep
Informa Sleep 160x200x15 Cm Kasur Latex 7 Zones
Soft and soft latex mattresses are able to provide optimal comfort.

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kasur newmark reports sleep
Informa Sleep 160x200x35 Cm Newark Kasur
Memory foam mattress with a cooling effect and able to follow the shape of the body.

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How to choose a mattress that suits your needs?

To be able to get the right mattress, you can follow a few things.

  1. Before buying a mattress, you should know the type of mattress needed based on your body condition and sleeping habits.
  2. Know the size of the mattress you are going to buy. If the room is quite narrow, you can choose a size mattress unique. However, if you have a larger room, you can use a full-size mattress queen and king depending on the size of the room.
  3. Select mattress material the most comfortable to use, from latex, to foam, to memory foam.
  4. Determine the level of softness of the mattress you want according to your needs.
  5. Check the mattress warranty offered. The longer the warranty, the better.
choose the firmness level of the mattress
Get a more restful and quality sleep by choosing the right mattress.

Advantages of buying a mattress at Informa Sleep

You can get different types of mattresses based on the level of softness in them Sleep information.

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Of course, there are many advantages that you can get when you buy a mattress at Informa Sleep. What are they? Check the following.

  1. Informa Sleep provides a comfort zone in the form of a cubicle that allows you to try different types of knives. Thus, you can determine the right mattress according to your needs.
  2. All Informa Sleep mattresses are made of quality materials that make them resistant to bacteria and durable in use.
  3. Every mattress from Informa Sleep has a fairly long warranty of 10-15 years.
  4. Informa is also held 30 day mattress trial promo. So, you can exchange the mattress you bought with another mattress from Informa Sleep.

Check the terms and conditions
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