These are 6 Reasons Why We Should Use Cots to Sleep

These are 6 Reasons Why We Should Use Cots to Sleep

Cot is a bed frame that functions as a support mattress. This piece of furniture is usually made of wood and metal so that it can support the weight of the mattress.

It’s just that, many of us immediately put the mattress on the floor without using a cradle. The reason is, this is considered more practical and space-saving, especially if we have a small room.

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In fact, sleeping on a cot provides many benefits for our health and comfort. you know.

So, why should you use a crib while sleeping?

Here are some of the advantages of using it sofa bed which you can take while you sleep.

1. Use Cots to Streamline Air Circulation mattress

reason to use a crib
One of the advantages of using a cot bed is that it can improve air circulation in the mattress.

Placing the mattress directly on the floor can block air circulation and cause the growth of bacteria. Well, this cradle is useful to reduce the humidity in the bottom of the mattress and its surroundings.

2. Prevents the accumulation of Dust and Dirt in the mattress

Without a cradle, the mattress will be in a low position where dust and dirt can easily accumulate. Of course, this pile of dust can be dangerous to breathe.

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One of them is that we can experience shortness of breath when we inhale dust and dirt continuously. In addition to cleaning the mattress regularly, the way to prevent this is to use a cot to make the mattress position higher.

3. Prevention of lung problems

reason to use a crib
Use a cradle while sleeping to maintain lung health.

At night, the air will be much colder. Well, sleeping on a cot prevents the risk of lung disease and hypothermia. Also, if you have frequent allergies, a crib is a piece of furniture that should be in the bedroom.

4. Use Cots to extend the life of the mattress

When you sleep, sweat and oil from the body will seep into the mattress. If there is no air circulation, the mattress can become moldy and cause an unpleasant aroma. Therefore, we need to use a cradle so that the mattress remains comfortable to wear.

5. Provide additional storage

For narrow rooms, shelves can be multifunctional furniture. In addition, there are many types of cots that are equipped with drawers to store books, blankets and other sleeping equipment.

If the cot has no drawers, but has a large enough abdomen, you can use boxes to store things. Then, put it under the crib to make it more tidy.

6. Beautify the Room

In addition to their function, the beds can also beautify the room. Therefore, we need to choose a crib model that fits the style of the room. For example, use a white metal cradle to do it all pastel bedrooms.

If you want to make a Japanese-style room, you can also choose a light brown wooden floor.

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the reason for using a wooden cradle
Choose a minimalist wooden crib to create a Japanese-style room.

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