There is no need to kill, this is how to get rid of lizards with prayer. It’s worth a try!

There is no need to kill, this is how to get rid of lizards with prayer. It’s worth a try!

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How to get rid of lizards with prayer can be a powerful alternative to get rid of these reptiles in the house. Memorize the prayers here!

The existence of lizards in the house often makes some people feel disturbed.

Some feel disgusted, afraid, until some have a special phobia of lizards.

If this is the case, you need to get rid of the lizard by all means.

If the lizard continues to appear even if it has been expelled with several methods, you can remove it with a special prayer.

You can use prayer to get rid of lizards with prayer as a last resort, if real steps do not come.

Launching various, this is to the event of expulsion of lizards with prayer!

How to get rid of lizards with prayer

how to get rid of lizards with prayer


1. Prayer of the prophet Solomon

How to get rid of lizards with the first prayer, using the prayer of the prophet Solomon.

This prayer according to the page tagar.idit can be used to tame animals and jinn so that you are protected from harm.

Here is the sound of the prayer:

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, do not rise above me and come to me as Muslims

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“Bismillah hirrahmani rahiim, may Allah be pleased with you and you are a Muslim.”

It means:

“Looking at the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Merciful. That you should not act arrogant towards me and come to me as people who surrender.”

2. Reading Selawat

Then later, you can read the blessings of the prophet.

Because, according to different sources, prayers are a way to get God’s help or when we have a specific desire, in this case to hunt lizards.

Examples of salawat that you can read:

Alahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala ali Muhammad, kama sallaita ‘ala Ibrahima wa barik ‘ala Muhammad kama barakta ‘ala ali Ibrahim fil-‘alamin, innaka hamidun majid.

It means:

“Oh Allah SWT, send sholawat to Muhammad and his family as you send sholawat to the family of Ibrahim, and send blessings to Muhammad and his family as you send blessings to the family of Ibrahim among others. O Allah, all praises truly belong to You alone, my most glorious Lord.”

3. Special Prayer

Launch page coilhow to get rid of lizards with prayer can then use special readings from verses of the Qur’an.

Referring to the book with the title of Success “Dunia-Hereafter with Daily Prayers” written by Mahmud Asy-Syafrowi.

This prayer can be used to protect against lizard disturbances, as well as many other evils that exist in the world.

The prayer is as follows:

Heaven praises the seventh and the earth, and between them ۚ and for something that is not praised by his praise, but it is not, but it is not.

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Tusabbiḥu lahus-samāwātus-sab’u wal-arḍu wa man fīhinn, wa im min syai`in illā yusabbiḥu biḥamdihī wa lākil lā tafqaḥena tasbīḥahum, innāe his ḥḥalīman.

It means:

The seven heavens, the earth and everything in it glorify God. And there is nothing but glorification to praise him, but he does not understand his glorification. Indeed, He is the Most Compassionate, the Most Forgiving. (QS. Al-Isra 44)

4. Pray in your own language

When you have a fear of lizards, praying in Indonesian is allowed.

Because in fact, God knows every language, knows the meaning of every creature.

This was also discussed by the Council of Indonesian Ulema.

Copy the page The Secretary of the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), KH Miftahul Huda said that prayer in non-Arabic languages ​​was allowed.

“Allah is All-Knowing of every prayer in every language and He is also All-Knowing of every need that is said,” said Kiai Miftah.


This is how you get rid of lizards with prayer.

Hope useful, friend 99.

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