There are different sizes of LED TVs

There are different sizes of LED TVs

size of led tv

TV technology is constantly evolving. Not only to watch local shows, TV now you can also use it to play games gameTo make streamingand become a smart device connected to the Internet network.

Not surprisingly, TV has become one of the main household appliances as a means of entertainment for families. In addition, the TVs come in different sizes, so you can adjust them to your needs.

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For example, you can select TV measure 32 inches if you have a minimalist home. However, there are also 85-inch TVs that are suitable for large rooms.

Different sizes of LED TVs

Usually, we know the size of the TV in inches. Therefore, to understand better, here are the different dimensions of LED TV when converting to cm.

TV size Diagonal Wide Height
TV 24 Inc 60.9 cm 53.1 cm 29.9 cm
TV 32 Inc 81.2 cm 71 cm 39.9 cm
TV 42 Inc 105 cm 93 cm 52.3 cm
TV 43 Inc 109.3 cm 95.2 cm 53.5 cm
TV 48 Inc 121.9 cm 108 cm 56 cm
TV 50 Inc 126 cm 110.7 cm 62.3 cm
TV 55 Inc 135 cm 121 cm 68.5 cm
TV 60 Inc 152.4 cm 132 cm 74.7 cm
TV 65 Inc 165 cm 144 cm 81 cm
TV 70 Inc 177.8 cm 151 cm 87.1 cm
TV 75 Inc 190.5 cm 166 cm 93 cm
TV 85 Inc 215.9 cm 188 cm 105 cm

LED TV tips to create a watch room at home

If you want to do it Minimalist home viewing roomhere are TV recommendations with the best resolution that you can use.

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1. 8K LED TV

8K TV is a TV with the highest resolution, so it has a sharper and more detailed image quality. Typically, 8K TVs are 55 inches and above, so they are best suited for larger rooms, such as the following.

55 inch 8k TV
Samsung 55 Inci Led 8k Smart Tv Qa55qn700bkxxd
8K TVs make images even brighter, more detailed and more realistic.

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60 inch size 8k TV
Sharp 60 Inci Led 8k Smart Tv 8t-c60dw1x – Hitam
Make viewing more enjoyable with an 8K smart TV.

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2. 4K TV

A 4K TV has 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically to be able to produce clear images and colors. There are many sizes to choose from for 4K TVs, from 43 inches to 85 inches, as the following tips.

tv 4k 43rd
Lg 43 Inch Led Smart Tv 4k 43nano75tpa – Black
4K TV with voice assistant makes the viewing experience more practical.

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tv 4k 70 pearl
Samsung 75 Inci Led Smart Tv 4k Au8000
Smart LED TV 4K with a high contrast ratio and multiple connections.

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3. HD TV

HD TV or Television in high definition it is Digital TV which has a higher resolution than a normal TV. Typically, HD TVs have a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

In addition to having a good picture, this TV is very popular because it has different sizes, from 32 inches to 85 inches. Here comes the recommendation.

32 inch HD TV
Sharp Led Tv 32 Inci Lc-32sa4200i
LED HD TV with LED backlight and timer for children.

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32 inch led tv
Panasonic 32 Inci Led Tv Th-32h410g
LED HD TV with a variety of sound options and equipped with a multimedia player.

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So, these are the different sizes of LED TV that you should know. Don’t worry, you can easily find different sizes of TVs

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