The story of Instagrammers @Rumahfefe Has a Modern Minimalist House

The story of Instagrammers @Rumahfefe Has a Modern Minimalist House

Exterior of fefe house in Malang

A person Instagrammer who has an account @rumahfefe to realize a dream house, a modern minimalist house. Go see the whole story!

Having a dream home is certainly the desire of many people at this time.

However, to achieve this, there are many challenges that must be faced.

Starting from the collection of capital, the development process to determine the exterior and interior design of the residence.

One of them Instagrammer named Hepi who has an account @Rumahfefe shares his story in building his dream house with his family located in Malang City, East Java.

Now, it has about 11 thousand followers on social media Instagram.

This is none other than the design of the house which is very modern and unique because there is a roof beautiful on the third floor of his house.

Go on, just take a look at Hepi’s story in building his dream house below.

It took 8 years to save and build a house

The instagrammer's story of the modern minimalist house facade


To the editorial team, Hepi admitted that it took him about 8 years to buy the land and build his house.

Fyi, he bought the land for about Rp. 750 million and Rp. 500 million (details, Rp. 100 million for builders and Rp. 400 million for building materials) for the construction of the exterior.

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The exterior design of this house itself carries a modern minimalist concept with a dominant white wall painting.

The story of the interior of the house instagrammerfefe


Then for the interior itself, it costs about Rp 250 million to present various furniture and other necessities.

A little different from the outside, the interior of this house carries the concept of a combination of minimalism and Scandinavia.

Location in the center of the city

The story of the instagrammer of the limitation of the house


When he first decided to buy this land, Hepi considered several important things regarding the location of the house.

The area of ​​this house is in the center of the city of Malang which is close to various educational facilities such as schools and colleges.

Hepi’s residence is also relatively close to the workplace so that it can reduce the commuting time to and from the office.

Design of the house assisted by the services of the architect

The story of the architect's instagramer


At first, Hepi had planned to build only a minimalist house.

But over time, the exterior of the house added a modern element.

This cannot be separated from the results of consultations with the services of the architect Arzstudio.

However, unique in the interior of the house, Hepi and his family prefer to design and decorate independently.

The main reason is because Instagrammer many like to decorate the house so that everything feels light and easy.

Obstacles faced when building a house

The story of the limitation of instagrammer homefefe 1


When he carried out the construction which took about 8 months, there were a few obstacles faced by the owner.

Hepi admitted that the most important obstacle was the understanding of the craftsman to understand the desired drawing or design.

The story of the limitation of instagrammer homefefe 2


So it takes some time to correct and notify the builder to make the house according to the design.

The story of the instagrammer homefefe constraint 3


Tips for presenting a dream home to Instagrammer @Rumahfefe

Location of Instagrammer Homefefe's story

Hepi shared some tips from his experiences to be able to realize a comfortable and safe dream home.

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First, you need to plan carefully in advance to make a house for example the choice of location, environmental conditions and future prospects for the house.

This is because this will affect various crucial factors in the long run.

Second, prepare a detailed budget and adjust it budget with our desires.

Do not let the estimated cost exceed budget you in building a house.

Finally, they prepare the design of the house carefully, both exterior and interior before going into the process of building a house.

Changes that occur in the design when the construction process is running interfere with the construction work process.

Also, it can also potentially blow the budget.


Well, this is a bit of a story about a story Instagrammer @Rumahfefe who can be an inspiration to us all.

Hope this article is helpful, Property People!

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