The right way to use a microwave for beginners

The right way to use a microwave for beginners

How to use a good and correct microwave

How to use it microwave for starters good and fair? Check out the steps through the following full review, go!

Microwave is one of the most used kitchen tools in the kitchen.

You can use this home electronic device to cook and heat food.

Interestingly, cooking in the home kitchen is easier in a few minutes.

Not only, how to use it microwave you can also make bread pastries, here we go.

There is a number microwave oven with full functionality and has been marketed.

However, these devices are different from ovens and how they work microwave tends to reduce the water content.

You want to know how to use it microwave for beginners? Check out the full review here, OK!

How to use it Microwave the Good and True

how to use a microwave


1. Understand the Features Microwave from Looking at the Manual

How to use it microwave The first is to understand the features provided.

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You can start reading the manual carefully to discover the possibility of unknown features.

Note also to determine what can and cannot be done against microwave.

2. Put Microwave on the floor

How to use it microwave the second is to put this tool in a safe place, i.e. a flat place.

You should also place this cookware away from electrical components that cause damage.

Place it on a flat surface, such as a table kitchen set can help microwave while spinning.

3. Do not use Microwave in the Empty State

Method of use microwave third is not used microwave in an empty state.

Therefore, you must ensure that the food has been added before pressing the “start“.

When circumstances microwave in an empty and rotating condition will make the walls of the house quickly damaged.

4. Be careful of the kitchen utensils used

How to wear microwave Next is to pay attention to the kitchen utensils used.

The reason is that if you use metal cooking utensils it can get hot microwave difficult to penetrate into food.

Also, using plastic utensils that do not fit microwave it will melt and stick to the wall.

5. Avoid Cooking Food with a lot of water

how to use the microwave properly

Source: Id. sharp

Method of use microwave the good thing is to avoid cooking food that contains a lot of water.

The reason is how it works microwave it tends to reduce moisture content as it removes moisture from the food.

Therefore, you should dilute the food with a small amount of water.

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6. Arranging the food properly so that it cooks faster

It is better if you arrange the food right in the middle of the rotation microwave.

If you place it improperly and to the side it can cause spills.

If this happens, the food can be damaged and caused microwave kotor

7. Setting the Right Cooking Time

How to use it microwave Next is to set the right cooking time.

You can make sure you heat the food so it doesn’t take too long.

The surface of the food can burn and cause food nutrients to disappear.

8. Always Close the Door Meeting Microwave

Then, you have to confirm the door microwave well closed.

Doors that are always open can prevent food from getting as hot as it should.

So, make sure you know how to use it microwave which is perfect for beginners.

9. Give a small hole in the Food Cover

How to use it microwave for starters then you can make a hole in the food cover.

Before putting the food microwaveyou can drill a bit.

This is so that the hot explosion caused by the food is not too severe.

10. Care Microwave in order

How to use it microwave the last one is routine care.

You should start cleaning regularly microwave after being used to cook or heat food.

The easy way, you can put a few slices of lemon in a cup of water and heat microwave a few minutes.

This method is powerfully refreshing microwave to get rid of the smell of leftover food, here we go.

Things to look for when using a microwave

Having a microwave means you have to understand how to use it properly.

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The goal is to make this tool have a longer service life.

So, to achieve this goal, here are some things you need to pay attention to when using a microwave, including:

  • Use suitable containers when cooking or reheating food. It is recommended to use a BPA-free container.
  • Avoid cooking all foods at once.
  • Heat the food until it cooks or boils.
  • Clean and clean again microwave after you finish using it.
  • Do not forget to disconnect the cable that is connected in the back.


That’s how to use it microwave for the good and true beginner.

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