The Right Way to Clean Shrimp to Keep It Fresh

The Right Way to Clean Shrimp to Keep It Fresh

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Confused about how to properly clean shrimp to keep them fresh and easy to store or cook? Go ahead, take a look at the following reviews.

For those of you who like to consume seafood, you must be familiar with shrimp.

This little red animal is often processed seafood which many people like.

The nutritional content of shrimp is very high, which is high in protein, calcium, iodine, omega-3 and omega-6.

As a result, many people make this seafood one of the healthy home preparations.

Unfortunately, shrimp have a hard outer shell that can become a nuisance to eat if not cleaned properly.

You can’t even clean it carelessly because it’s hard and can hurt your fingers.

NahFor those of you who want to clean shrimp after buying them at the market, let’s look at the following review on how to clean shrimp!

How to clean shrimp well before cooking

how to clean shrimp to keep them healthy

For those of you who like to cook, of course, how to clean shrimp is an important thing that should be known.

Here are the easy steps to clean it, including:

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1. Check the Condition of the Shrimp

The first way to clean the shrimp is to check the condition of the shrimp one by one.

Separate shrimp that don’t look fresh from shrimp that are still fresh for consumption.

Usually, shrimp that are not fresh give off a rancid, slimy smell, and the texture begins to be brittle.

If you find a shrimp like this, it is better to separate it from the other shrimp or just throw it away.

Nahso that the condition of the shrimps does not deteriorate quickly, you must store the shrimps in the refrigerator or freezer with a temperature of 0-3 degrees Celsius.

Keep the shrimp inside freezer refrigerator or freezer to last longer and can be consumed safely.

2. Wash the shrimp in cold water

The next way to clean the shrimp is to wash the shrimp with cold water.

Be sure to wash the shrimp under cold water or under the tap.

Prepare a clean basin to become a container for the shells or shells of the shrimp that you clean.

Clean the shrimp dirt that sticks to the skin and body of the shrimp to make it cleaner.

3. Remove the Head of the Shrimp

After cleaning the soil, you can remove the head of the shrimp that has a long mustache.

Carefully clean each shrimp until they are all done.

Remove the head shell along with all the dirt on the shrimp.

How to clean this part of the head by pressing the index finger and thumb together.

Then rotate the shell slightly and pull until the dirt is completely out.

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4. How to clean the shrimp by removing the legs

Shrimp legs are quite long, rough, and interfere with eating.

For this reason, many people get rid of shrimp legs when they want to cook them.

You can also do the same thing to make your shrimp preparations more delicious.

How to clean this rigid part is easier than the shell of the head and the soil.

Just turn the prawns over so that the belly is visible and then clean the prawn legs.

Do it slowly so that the body of the shrimp does not fall.

5. Clean the skin of the shrimp body

This part of the skin can be clean or not according to your taste.

However, many people are concerned about eating the shell and want to clean it.

As for cleaning this part of the skin, you can peel the skin near the feet.

You can also use a knife to slice the back of the prawns and then peel them by hand.

You can also do this method at the same time to clean the tail and the veins on the back.

6. Wash the shrimp under running water

If you have done all this, then you can clean again under running water.

Leave the shrimp alone and it’s clean.

7. Store Shrimp or Immediately Consume

You can store cleaned shrimp in the refrigerator to make it last longer.

It is recommended to consume raw shrimp less than 48 hours after entering the refrigerator.

However, if the shrimps have been cooked, you can consume them longer, about 5-7 days after cooking.

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The Right Way to Store Shrimp

Cleaned shrimp are cooked immediately to retain nutrition.

This is because shrimp that are cleaned, but have not been cooked, have a shorter time to store in the refrigerator.

The correct way to store shrimp in the refrigerator, including:

  1. Pick fresh prawns and wash them.
  2. If you have washed it, prepare a clean container with a lid.
  3. Place the peeled prawns in the container and cover tightly.
  4. Then, put the shrimp in the freezer.
  5. Regularly check the condition of the freshness of the shrimp.
  6. If the shrimp look like they have started, it is better to cook them or if they are damaged you can throw them away.

Tips for cleaning shrimp

Some tips for cleaning shrimp so you can use them fresh are as follows.

  1. Always wash the shrimp under running water.
  2. You don’t need to peel all the parts of the shrimp.
  3. Pay attention and clean the shrimp droppings.
  4. Avoid cleaning the shrimp in hot water as it will damage the shrimp.


It’s an easy way to clean the shrimp well before cooking and store them in the refrigerator.

I hope this is useful for you, OK, Property!

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