The Right Way to Care for Newborn Baby Hamsters. The beginner must know!

The Right Way to Care for Newborn Baby Hamsters. The beginner must know!

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To increase the life of newborn hamsters, you need to know how to care for hamsters. Find out the right way in the article below!

Hamsters are one of the cutest animals that are a favorite of many people.

Unfortunately, caring for these animals, especially when they are young, can be difficult.

Hamsters themselves are born blind and deaf.

This requires proper care as soon as possible so that they can live and reproduce well.

If this is your first time keeping these mini pets, don’t panic. Indonesia has prepared a review on how to properly care for baby hamsters.

Taken from various reliable sources, see to the end of the following review, OK?

10 ways to take care of your newborn baby right

1. Clean the Cage

hamster cage


A week before the birth, you must first clean the hamster cage.

This is done because for one to two weeks after birth, you can not disturb the mother and her children.

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Do not clean the cage near the time of birth because it can make the mother sensitive and refuse to care for her young.

2. Make sure the conditions of the cage are safe

After cleaning, make sure that the condition of the cage is safe for the mother and the baby afterwards.

During this process, remove all the toys that could harm the baby’s creatures when they start to climb into the cage.

In addition, it provides protection around the cage area so that hamsters cannot climb.

Then, replace the drink container with a special bottle so that they avoid the risk of falling.

Finally, place the cage in a quiet place away from distractions.

3. Don’t make a loud noise

don't make a loud noise

The next way to care for hamsters is not to make loud noises.

Sudden or loud noises can make the mother hamster panic.

If so, the mother could kill and eat her children.

This has become the survival instinct of hamster breeders and is done for the general safety of the nest.

4. Make the mother Hamster Feel Comfortable

Making the mother feel comfortable is the next step in baby care that you can do.

Taking a mother hamster out of the cage will really make the baby feel stressed, especially those who are still nursing.

5. Give Hamster some privacy

how the care of the raised child gives privacy

Mother hamsters usually keep their children in a safe place, such as a hidden corner in the area of ​​the cage.

In this situation, give the mother some privacy.

You also need to know that hamster mothers will be very protective.

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They do not hesitate to act more aggressive than usual towards humans when they are around the cage.

6. Don’t keep Baby Hamsters

Because it is so adorable, it is not uncommon to have the desire to hold a baby.

In any case, it is a good idea not to touch and look at the newborn babies often for at least two weeks after birth.

When touched, the human smell can dispel the smell of the child that makes the mother does not want to care.

If you need to move the child for some reason, use a spoon or shovel as an intermediate medium.

7. Avoid mixing Baby Hamsters with other Hamsters

how to care for the baby's creatures do not mix

If you have a pair of hamsters, separate the male hamster from the female and her children.

The reason is, the presence of other hamsters can scare the mother.

Not only that, male hamsters tend to eat their children.

8. Do not Clean the Cage after the Hamster gives birth

The next way to care for baby hamsters is not to clean the cage for 14 days after birth.

If there is a stain around the cage area, clean it with latex gloves.

To keep the mother and babies healthy, make sure the room temperature always reaches 21 degrees Celsius, ok!

9. Care for Baby Hamsters Age Two to Four Weeks

how to care for 2-4 year old hamsters

Once the baby hamsters are two to four weeks old, there are many things that must be done.

First, clean the hamster’s cage as when preparing a pregnant hamster mother.

Then, touch the child’s creators as a way to interact with them.

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Then, separate the baby hamsters from their mother when they reach the age of four weeks.

Later, introduce this baby animal to hamster food in general.

Finally, separate the male and female hamsters.

At the age of 40 days, the reproductive organs of the hamsters have started to be active and can develop well immediately.

10. Monitor Hamster Growth

The last way to care for the baby breeders is to monitor the growth of the baby breeders.

Check regularly if they are in good health.

You can pay attention to the wounds on the legs, blood in the urine, watery stools, overgrown front teeth, and a crooked nose.

If the above symptoms appear, take your hamster to the vet immediately for further treatment.


I hope that the discussion on how to care for baby hamsters above can useful for Owners!

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