The right way to care for hydroponic plants. Be Fertile!

The right way to care for hydroponic plants. Be Fertile!

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Interested in caring for hydroponic plants at home, but don’t know what to do? Before that, let’s find out how to care for hydroponic plants in this article!

Hydroponic cultivation of plants is now very popular.

Although it is well known, not everyone understands how to care for hydroponics.

Although the care of plants with this system is not difficult because you can use simple tools and materials that are easy to find.

Although the tools used are easy to find, the steps taken to care for hydroponic plants can be considered challenging because they have to be done correctly.

If you are interested in the care of hydroponic plants, let’s read this article until it is finished because News Indonesia has presented the complete method!

How to care for hydroponic plants

hydroponic plants

1. Check the water conditions

How to control the water in the storage tanks of hydroponic plants are as follows:

  • Change the water at least once every four days.
  • Use a clear or transparent container as a storage container to be able to observe the condition and availability of water.
  • Don’t fill the reservoir completely, ideally half or three quarters of it so that you don’t lose too much when you empty it.
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2. Check the Condition of the Nutrient Solution

Not to forget, you also need to control the conditions and the availability of nutrient solution in the hydroponic plants.

This is done so that the plants can have enough nutrients.

3. Clean the Planting Media Container

Transparent media containers will be very susceptible to moss growth, so you should clean the container in the following way:

  • Remove excess nutrient solution from the plant.
  • Clean the part that starts to grow moss with clean water and running water.
  • Soak the container in clean water or alcohol.
  • Fill with nutrient solution. Do this method regularly every 1-2 weeks.

4. Maintain Environmental Sanitation

Keep in mind, clean cultivated lands are usually rarely affected by pests and diseases.

On the contrary, if the environment is dirty and humid, the chances of plants being attacked by pests are higher.

Therefore, you need to maintain environmental sanitation in the care of hydroponic plants because a clean environment can support the optimal growth of plants.

5. Check the Condition of the Plants Routinely

Periodically checking the condition of the plants is an important step in the care of hydroponic plants.

By carrying out intensive checks, Property People can find out what happens to the plants.

The reason is, if it is attacked by pests or diseases or even a lack of nutrient solution, the plants show symptoms such as yellow leaves, dry and other symptoms.

6. Seeing the Condition of the Planting Media

hydroponic plants

The condition of the planting medium can also affect the health of the plant.

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Thus, you also need to regularly check the condition of the planting media.

If this is really not feasible, replace the hydroponic growth media with a new one.

In addition, it is not recommended to use used planting mediums that have already been used for fear of bringing pests and diseases that will be detrimental to the growth of plants.

7. Removal of unhealthy plants

The intensity of pest and disease attacks can lead to critical conditions in plants, even plants can die from it.

So, if you find plants that are attacked by pests or diseases, remove them immediately and keep them apart from healthy plants.


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