The right way to bury a cat in Islam

The right way to bury a cat in Islam

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Sad no if your cat dies? To be able to calm down in nature, let’s find out how to bury a cat here.

You need to know that cats are animals of Prophet Muhammad. the one he loves the most.

However, the cat itself is estimated to be only 10-15 years old.

When a pet cat dies, the body should not be thrown away, but should be buried properly.

However, how do you properly bury a cat?

Check out the correct way to bury a cat below!

The right way to bury a cat

how to bury a cat


1. Find the right place

If the dead cat is your pet, it is better to choose a place near the house.

When choosing a place, make sure it is far from underground water wells so as not to pollute and cause the water to smell.

But if the dead cat is not your pet, bury the cat in the nearest place.

2. Make a grave pit

The correct way to bury a cat is to make a rectangular hole.

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Make a hole with a size twice the length of the cat and the width according to the size of the body, then a minimum depth of 30 cm.

Note that dead cats are usually lying on their back with all four straight legs, so you need to adjust the size of the hole properly.

If there is water when making the hole, then remove it first or look for soil that is not water.

3. Give a Mat for the Cat’s Body

When burying a cat, not a few are confused about whether the cat’s body should be buried with cloth or not.

The way to bury a cat according to Islam is to use fresh leaves for the body, so you don’t have to use cloth.

The leaves used should have a wide surface like banana leaves.

The use of a mat for the body of the cat is very important to minimize the smell of the carcasses of the cat, especially if the depth of the grave is felt to be lacking.

If you do not find leaves, you can also use cloth used to wrap the whole body of the cat like a shroud on a human corpse.

In any case, what if the conditions have to bury the cat that was hit?

In this condition, of course, the cat’s body will bleed a lot.

To bury a cat that has been hit, the body must be wrapped in a cloth so that the blood does not splatter.

4. Start Backfilling and Compact the Soil

After the cat’s grave is finished, bury the cat in the right position and fill the hole with soil.

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When the grave is closed, do not forget to compact the soil.

Hoarding the body of a cat is very necessary to not create an unpleasant smell that usually comes out a few days later.

5. Sow flowers and give signs

When the onion of the cat has been compacted, sprinkle flowers or gravestones to mark the place of the grave.

Prayer for a dying cat

pet graves

In the view of Islam, if a person bumps into a cat accidentally, then it carries no risk.

However, if the cat is someone else’s pet, the owner must pay compensation.

In Surah Al-Ahzab, Allah SWT. said:

“There is no sin for you for actions that you do not intend, but (there is sin) what your heart intends.” (QS. Al-Ahzab: 5)

In other words, the task for those who accidentally hit a cat to death is to bury it so that the cat’s carcass does not disturb others.

The blessing of burying a cat is glorifying the living creatures created by Allah SWT.

The same goes for praying for cats.

The law of praying for a cat is indeed permissible.

However, there is no specific prayer in Islam that teaches this.

We simply bury the carcass of the cat after death, because this is actually taught in Islam.

But, you can if you want to pray with letter Al-Fatihah.

Humanly speaking, it is allowed to cry for the loss of a cat or something that is loved because it is gone.

Signs of a cat that wanted to die

pictures of lonely cats

1. Often Alone

In addition to how the cat is buried, you should also pay attention to its unusual movements.

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Like, often being alone in a dark and lonely place is one of the signs of a cat heading for its death.

Because really this has become the nature of the cat, when it feels that its life is not long, it tends to stay away and be alone.

2. Cats are more passive

Towards his death, your cat will be more passive than usual.

Like his normal everyday life, he still likes to play with you, but suddenly it changes.

I don’t want to play anymore or I prefer to sleep and be alone.

3. Decreased Appetite Cat

The cat’s appetite will decrease before its death.

Even if you give him his favorite food as usual, he will eat very little.

Or don’t eat at all.

4. The cat’s body is cold

Cats are generally warm, because cats are warm-blooded animals.

However, before death, the cat’s body temperature will drop dramatically.

This is because the body’s metabolism is decreased.

5. Difficulty breathing

The next sign of a dying cat is the lack of breath and not moving,

His eyes are also rarely blinking even after being stroked.


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