The reason why there are so many ants in the mattress and how to get rid of them

The reason why there are so many ants in the mattress and how to get rid of them

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The presence of ants on the mattress is often encountered by residential owners. So, why are there so many ants on the bed? Find the cause and how to remove it here!

Property People, ants in large numbers and entrenched in important places in the house can be very disturbing.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many ways to expel ants so that this small animal does not return and nest.

Of the many areas that are often occupied by ants, it is that the bed is one of the favorite places, that’s it.

This of course is motivated by several causes that must be addressed immediately.

Launching several sources, here we present information on the reasons why there are so many ants on the mattress and how to get rid of them.

The reason why there are so many ants in the bed

1. There is Food Leftovers on the Bed

because there are so many ants on the bed

One of the main reasons why there are many ants on the mattress, which most often occurs due to food debris scattered.

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The reason is that ants are very easy to gather in areas that have food sources.

Not to mention that the cleanliness of the sheets, pillows, and so on is not maintained, making it easier for the ants to breed.

2. There is a Hole in the Mattress

In general, mattresses usually have high humidity, so they are favored by ants.

Therefore, try to keep it clean so that the ants cannot gather.

Don’t let the mattress you have have holes because it will be very loved by ants as a nest.

3. Bed made of wood

Wooden elements in the beds or rooms allow the ants to come and nest.

Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance factor should always be a priority, especially the wooden elements that are close to the mattress, such as beds, tables and chairs.

Wood with minimal maintenance and old age is relatively moist so it is favored by ants.

Later, the ants can bite the wood because it is considered a source of food and it is impossible to penetrate the mattress.

How to get rid of ants in a room or bed

1. Using Anti-Insect Chalk

insect repellent


As one of the privacy areas in a home, the bed, including the mattress, must be kept clean.

However, if the ants have already attacked, you can take it back with the use of insect repellent.

The steps to use are very easy, just scratch the chalk in the end of the mattress and the area of ​​the bed, then wait the next day.

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2. Using lemon water

For those of you who do not like chemicals in the repulsion of ants, the best option is to use an ant repellent liquid from lemon.

The reason is that ants tend not to like the pungent smell of lemon, especially the acid content.

Spray lemon water on areas frequented by ants at regular intervals.

If it is not good, put a slice of lemon peel so that the ants feel annoying.

3. Repel Ants with Borax

Borax is thought to be able to kill ant larvae and is effective enough for use in bedroom areas so that the ants are destroyed.

However, you should use this chemical carefully and only as needed.

Sprinkle borax in the wooden areas near the mattress with a rate that is not too much, but also not too little.

Tips and tricks to prevent ants from returning to bed

clean the mattress

After discovering the causes of why there are so many ants on the mattress and how to get rid of them, it is a good idea to also know tips and tricks so that these insects do not come and nest again.

  • Try not to eat or snack on the mattress because it has the potential to present food debris.
  • Wash your hands and clean mattresses and beds.
  • Take care of the wooden elements in the bedroom area regularly.
  • Spray perfume.
  • Patch if there is a hole in the mattress.


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