The Most Effective Causes and Ways to Overcome a Wet House

The Most Effective Causes and Ways to Overcome a Wet House

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Do not underestimate a damp house, it can be a source of various diseases, here. Go, find out the causes and how to deal with a damp house here!

Property People, has your house been damp lately? The reason may be due to the rainy season.

In addition to these factors, damp cases usually occur because the home does not have adequate air ventilation.

As a result, some parts of the house are over the fungus that makes the interior look less beautiful.

Not only that, a damp house is very likely to be the trigger for many diseases, especially respiratory disorders.

Based on the above problems, through this article, Berita Indonesia will try to unravel some of the causes and ways to deal with damp houses.

Culled from various sources, here is the full review!

Causes of damp houses

damp house


1. High Precipitation

As mentioned before, when the rainy season arrives, the house usually feels more humid.

The reason is, the concept of a wet house occurs because the water content in the house is too high.

Especially in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages where activities that use water often occur.

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2. Poor Air Circulation

The second reason is due to good air circulation.

Leave only the rainy season, even during the dry season if the air circulation in the house is not optimal, the possibility of damp housing is even greater.

With the lack of circulation area, the air quality in the house will have a high water content.

In addition, the small supply of the sun, also aggravating the humidity in the house.

3. Water Pipe Leak

A damp house can also be due to damage factors in the house, such as pipe leaks.

Leaking pipes can cause water seepage on the walls, which makes the house more humid.

How to overcome a damp house

1. Knowing the Root Cause

Knowing the main cause of a damp house is important, because later you will take corrective steps.

The main cause may be due to poor air circulation, leaking pipes, or other things.

For example, due to poor air circulation, the most effective way to solve it is to increase the circulation area.

If you can’t, you can install an exhaust fan or other furniture that can absorb air levels that are too humid in the house.

2. Using Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fan for damp houses


Many sources say that the exhaust fan is a powerful tool to anticipate a damp house, especially if the condition of the house cannot increase the circulation area.

That’s because the exhaust fan is an auxiliary device to rotate the air from one room to another.

You can hang it on the wall or ceiling of the house, according to your needs.

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3. Using Water Absorbing Chalk

The next medium that you can use to dispel humid air at home, is the use of lime that absorbs water.

You can store this chalk that absorbs water in a room with high humidity.

If the room is really humid, the lime container will quickly fill with water, so you have to change it or check it often.

4. Using a dehumidifier

Property People, do you know what a dehumidifier is?

Dehumidifier is an electronic device to maintain or lower the air to have a water content within normal limits.

This tool can be used in areas of the house that tend to be humid.

5. Adding Air Circulation Source

If possible, you can increase the air circulation area in the house to minimize the humidity conditions in the house.

Why might this be important? The reason is that with sufficient air circulation, the air circulation in the house will improve and the supply of the sun will be complete.

6. Frequently Opening Windows

The last way to anticipate a damp house is to increase the intensity of opening the windows.

Maybe all this time you rarely open the window, so the condition of the house becomes more humid.

Health hazards of damp houses

cough cough due to damp house


After knowing the causes and how to anticipate, you also know some of the dangers of damp houses, especially for health.

  • You can increase the risk of respiratory diseases;
  • Sneezing and coughing;
  • tightness to throat irritation, and;
  • Increase the potential of TB disease.
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This is the cause and how to overcome a damp house.

Hope useful, Property People.

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