The methods and costs of changing electricity meters to the latest tokens 2023

The methods and costs of changing electricity meters to the latest tokens 2023

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Please note, replacing postpaid electricity meters with prepaid electricity tokens is highly recommended by the State Electricity Company (PLN). So, how and how much does it cost to change the electricity meter into a token in the latest regulations? Read here!

Property People, prepaid electricity is considered more practical and relatively efficient when compared to postpaid electricity.

Technically, the electricity meters with a prepaid system have a payment scheme that is almost similar to repaying the credit in a mobile phone.

Yes, prepaid electricity users must recharge or purchase voucher first the electricity.

Next, you will get an electricity token number to enter the meter with a certain nominal amount.

The process of changing the electricity meter to this token has requirements that must be met. something?

Requirements for changing electricity meters into tokens

change the electricity meter in token


You have to prepare a number of files when you want to do the process of changing the electricity meter to a token.

For your information, PLN will check the file first.

Some of the requirements to change electricity meters into tokens include the following:

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  • 2 copies of the KTP of the owner of the house
  • 2 copies of the applicant’s KTP
  • Stamp 2 sheets
  • Power of attorney from the owner of the house to the applicant accompanied by a stamp (especially for rented or leased houses)
  • Letter of Eligibility for Operations (SLO)

How to change the electricity meter to the token

In the procedure to change the electricity meter in a token, it is necessary to register online first when you want to replace it.

Relax, now customers can contact parties customer service PLN easily via phone calls.

To make it clearer, here is how to change the electricity meter into a token that you can do.

1. Contact Call Center PLN

First of all, you have to call call center PLN to obtain a customer ID and to complete the registration process.

At this stage, you, as the customer, will be asked whether to increase the electric power at once or not.

2. Visit the PLN Office

After the registration process, the submission of a substitute for electricity is complete, you will be asked to visit the nearest PLN office.

Send all the required documents that you prepared earlier to the PLN officer in the office.

3. Payment of Administrative Fees

PLN will provide details regarding the administrative costs of replacing the electricity meter.

Therefore, try to pay the administrative fee in accordance with PLN rules, usually within a minimum period of 30 days.

4. Replacement of Electricity Meter to Token

When it has been paid, the PLN will do a location survey at your home.

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In general, the process of replacing an electricity meter takes about 7 to 15 working days, depending on the level of difficulty during the installation process.

For information, as mentioned before, you will also be offered if you want to add electricity or not.

If necessary, there will be additional electricity costs that you will have to spend.

Cost of changing electricity meters into tokens

pln officer


Unlike the procedure for moving electricity meters, the procedure for changing electricity meters from postpaid to prepaid is free or free.

However, customers are required to pay a fee for the purchase current or electricity token the first time.

The amount of the electricity token can also be adjusted according to the wishes and capabilities of the customer, starting from IDR 5,000 to IDR 1,000,000.

Therefore, in the cost of replacing this electricity meter, it contains only the cost of purchase current or pulses as additional power cost if required.

How to pay the cost of changing electricity meters to tokens

Knowing how to pay the cost of changing the electricity meter to a token is so important, especially after obtaining the details or the amount of rupiah that must be spent.

Relax, you just need to come to the counter of the nearest PLN branch to process the payment.

However, if you don’t have enough time, another way you can take is to pay through the Indonesian post office, minimarkets and other third-party places.

Once successful, keep the receipt in a safe place and do not lose it because it serves as evidence.

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Advantages of changing Token Electricity

  • There are no monthly billing fees
  • No late fees will be charged
  • You can save more electricity
  • Prepaid electricity is safe, even harmless


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