The latest list of electrical meter codes from Melcoinda. Completed!

The latest list of electrical meter codes from Melcoinda. Completed!

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What are the codes of Melcoinda electricity meters? Come, discover the complete information in this article, Property People.

In Indonesia, there are different brands of electricity meters that are used for prepaid customers.

Among them are Itron, Sanxing, Hexing, to Melcoinda.

Well, Melcoinda has become a brand of electricity meters that is widely used by the public.

This type of electricity meter itself is in accordance with Standard Transfer specification (STS), that’s it.

The Melcoinda electricity meter is a type of kWh meter that has a prepaid function according to the STS standard.

So, this pulse electricity meter also has full control so that, in its use, you only have to add a certain code.

For those of you looking for the Melcoinda electricity meter code, read this article to the end.

The reason is, Berita Indonesia has compiled the information for you to understand.

Launch from, let’s just look at the description below!

Parts of the Melcoinda electric meter

Before knowing the code of the Melcoinda electricity meter, it is a good idea to first understand its constituent parts.

melcoinda electric meter parts


1. show Meter kWh

show The kWh meter has a function to show the amount of electricity you have, an indicator input keyindicator error, and others.

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2. Port Communication

This section is a means of communication between PLN technicians and the kWh meter.

Well, all the data collected on memory meter will be transferred away harbor this communication.

3. Keyboard The electric meter of Melcoinda

Keyboard is a number configuration that follows the 12-digit telephone standard.

This section has the numeric keys 0-9 and ENTER which are used to correct and execute token code commands in the electricity meter.

4. Terminal cover

Terminal covered has a function to cover the cable terminals on the Melcoinda electricity meter to be protected from damage.

5. Terminal Cover Detector

End cap detector it is push button little ones who will be depressed when cover meter installed and will be real by the time covered open

6. Meter Number

The meter number is an 11-digit number in the form of the meter ID for each customer.

This section will be different for each kWh meter and will be needed when you want to recharge the tokens.

7. LED indicator

The LED indicator has four colors with different functions, namely red, yellow, green or red.

Melcoinda electricity meter code

melcoinda electricity meter code


Always launched by, the following is the code Melcoinda electricity meter that you can know.

Password Function
00 Power meter reset
01 Function check relay
02 Test display, buzzer
03 Check the remaining kWh
04 show revision key number and type
05 rate index (Show rate index)
06 Test device token reader
07 Power limit
08 Display state tamper
09 Power consumed
10 Software version display
11 Show the unbalance line
37 Remaining credit (kWh)
38 Cumulative energy (kWh)
39 Power factor
40 Daya (watts)
41 rms voltage (V)
44 Arus rms (A)
47 Instant Power (W)
53 The total number of tokens received
54 Last token code received
55 Last 2 token codes received
56 Last 3 token codes received
57 Last 4 token codes received
58 Last 5 token codes received
59 the last kWh
60 Last 2 token codes (kWh)
61 Last 3 token codes (kWh)
62 Last 4 token codes (kWh)
63 Last 5 token codes (kWh)
64 Total technical tokens received
65 Last received token technique
66 2 technician tokens received
67 3 technician tokens received
68 The quantity journey due to overload
69 Number of power outages
70 Totally open terminal cover
71 The total coverage meter is open
72 Total manipulation
73 Negative energy used
74 Version hardware
75 No. ID Meter
76 constant meters
77 Supply group code (SGC)
78 Duration alarm
79 Minimum credit alert
81 Forecast time until the credit is finished
82 Last tamper
83 Energy consumption last month
84 Energy used in the last 2 months
85 Energy consumption in the last 3 months
86 I travel last overload (day and time)
87 2 falls trip over load final
88 Final meter off (day and time)
89 2 falls meter off final
90 The last time the terminal was opened
91 2 kali terminal open meter final
92 Last time cover terminal open
93 Maximum load this month
94 Peak load time this month
95 Current time
96 Current date
99 Check the software and characteristics
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Well, this is a list of the Melcoinda electricity meter codes that you can see.

I hope this article is useful for you, yes.

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