The function of a wooden spatula and how to care for it

The function of a wooden spatula and how to care for it

There are various kitchen utensils that we need to facilitate the cooking process and food preparation, one of which is a spatula. You see, we can use a spatula to stir, flip, and remove food from the pan.

There are many spatula materials that you can use, namely wood, stainless steeland plastic.

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When compared, each type of spatula has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want to create a kitchen in a classic minimalist style scandinavian and Japandi, it is mandatory to have a wooden spatula.

What is a wooden spatula?

wooden spatula function
Wooden spatula for all kitchen needs

Therefore, a wooden spatula is a wooden spoon that is suitable for Teflon pans because it does not cause streaks when used.

A wooden spatula also has less reactive properties and does not conduct heat. You can freely use it to stick food that is heated.

In addition, wood does not release chemicals when exposed to heat and food, so the hygiene of each dish is maintained.

The function of a wooden spatula is very different, namely for frying eggs and stirring soupy food.

So, how do you choose the right wooden spatula?

wooden spatula function
Choose a quality wooden spatula so that it can be used for a long time

A wooden spatula is a versatile tool that you can use to cook different dishes. In any case, in the choice of a wooden spatula, there are many things or factors that must be taken care of, such as the following.

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1. Determine the type of wood

Choose a type of wood that is dense, hard and robust so that the spatula is durable and not easily damaged by daily use. For example, types of wood maples, oak, walnutup to olive.

2. Select the Design

Wooden spatulas consist of different designs and shapes that you can adjust to your needs. If you often fry, choose food spatulas flat design. As for soup foods, choose a concave-shaped spatula.

You can use a spatula with a hole in the middle if you like to fry the food. You see, the function of the hole is to drain the oil from the food we cook.

3. Determine the Thickness of the Spatula

Make sure you buy a wooden spatula that is the right thickness. The thing is, if the spatula is too thin, it will be difficult for you to turn large amounts of food. Meanwhile, a spatula that is too thick will make it difficult to turn fine-textured food.

After choosing the best wooden spatula, we also need care. Be sure to clean the wooden spatula well so that it does not wear out quickly.

So, how do you clean a wooden spatula?

wooden spatula function
When you are done with a wooden spatula, make sure to clean it immediately with the right method

Dirt and food residues stick easily to the wooden spatula. However, you can handle this well if you clean it properly.

Relax, you can use the following method to clean a wooden spatula.

  1. Before you start washing, you can soak a wooden spatula just under hot water.
  2. Dry the spatula with a sponge and mild dish soap in a circular motion under the sink shower.
  3. Rinse the spatula with warm water.
  4. To tackle odors and stains left on the spatula, add a mixture of a spoonful of baking soda and water.
  5. Then, leave it for 15-20 minutes, since the baking soda can neutralize the acid and remove stubborn odors.
  6. Rinse again with warm water and place the spatula in a standing position so that the remaining water can flow quickly.
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So, here are some things you need to know about wooden spatulas, starting from their function, how to choose, to tips for cleaning. Easy, right?

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