The electricity meter has a check mark, here are the causes and how to fix it

The electricity meter has a check mark, here are the causes and how to fix it

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Friends 99, have you ever experienced an electricity meter with a control? Don’t take it lightly, that’s itbecause the problem must be dealt with immediately so that there are no more complicated problems related to electricity.

Electricity meters with a check written on the prepaid system are often encountered and are not considered a serious problem.

In fact, for convenience, you should immediately take the right steps or method and should not let it drag on.

Of course, you don’t want some activities to be interrupted.

Especially now that almost every job uses electricity, such as washing clothes with a washing machine, watching TV, opening a computer, etc.

Before we know how to fix it, first we will explain some of the things that are factors or cause that the electricity meter has a control writing.

The Cause of the Electricity Meter There is a control

1. Broken meter

the electricity meter has a control


A problem or damage to the meter can be the main factor or cause.

If so, it is a good idea to make a report and ask PLN for information.

It is highly recommended not to tamper with the meter itself.

2. Poor cable installation

electrical installation

The words “verify” on a prepaid meter usually appear because there is a difference between the incoming and outgoing electrical currents.

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From that difference, the meter considers a problem so it will automatically give a notice to “verify”.

In some cases, the residents of the house usually ask for help from PLN officials to do a reinstallation if the previous cable installation is considered very bad.

3. Leaking Electric Current

The word “verify” on the meter could also be due to a leak in the cable, such as the outer part of the cable peeling off.

You have to check to find out the cause of the leak.

However, again, you should first consult with PLN.

4. Wrong ground

electric ground

Error in installation land it also affects the meter so that a control text appears.

Ideally, you should entrust the installation of electrical installations to professionals.

5. Tempered Open Button

The prepaid electricity meter has a safety switch against external interference.

Later, this button will work to secure the meter.

If the cover of this button is open, the temperature will light up and a check will be checked.

How to overcome the control writing on the meter

electricity complaint to pln

Source: cnbc indonesia

The safest way so that the electricity meter has a written control can be exceeded, you have to contact PLN.

The reason, until now, there is no specific way that can be done alone.

Also, contacting PLN will be safer and there will be no potential for more severe damage.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Make a call through the PLN call center to the number 123 plus the area code where you live
  2. Once connected, select the service for complaints, disturbances and customer complaints and wait for it to connect directly to the PLN operator.
  3. Take note of the customer identification number listed on the electricity meter because usually PLN asks to mention the customer ID.
  4. The operator provides a claim report number as evidence that the claim we submitted is registered in the PLN database.
  5. You will be advised to wait some time because the PLN operator will provide a reset code.
  6. After this, the PLN operator will include a 20-digit reset code so that the “verified” inscription on the meter disappears.
  7. Write the reset code and enter it as we entered the electricity token code.
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It is the cause and how to overcome the electricity meter there is a control, Friend 99.

I hope the review is helpful.

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