The easiest way to reset a Samsung washing machine, 100% Working Normal!

The easiest way to reset a Samsung washing machine, 100% Working Normal!

how to reset samsung washing machine

Find out the easiest and most practical way to reset a Samsung washing machine so that it works optimally here.

The washing machine is one of the most important home furnishings, especially to increase practicality and shorten work time.

To meet these needs, Samsung washing machines are often the choice or brand that many Indonesians use.

Not infrequently, the washing machine does not work optimally which certainly interferes a lot with daily productivity.

If that happens, of course you feel angry right?

But do not panic, the disturbances that occur may be minor and not necessarily harmful.

Maybe you just need to reset the washing machine. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to reset a Samsung washing machine.

How is the process? Check out the discussion together!

How to reset a Samsung washing machine and the steps

1. Open the Manual

Samsung washing machine manual


The first step you should take is to take the manual as instructions on the functions and several buttons in the washing machine.

So that the error is not prolonged, make sure that you do not download or press to repair the washing machine.

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2. Turn on the washing machine

The next way you can do it is to connect the washing machine to the electricity.

Before the reset process, it is a good idea to turn on the washing machine to identify if it still has problems or not.

Easy identification that you can do from the panel available on the washing machine.

3. Press Button Simultaneously

Samsung washing machine reset button


If the washing machine is on, you can find the button power, rinseand spin then press all three buttons at the same time.

After all three buttons are pressed simultaneously, the washing machine will reset to factory settings.

The success of the reset method of the Samsung washing machine will be marked by the life of all the indicators simultaneously, as if the washing machine is adapted again.

4. Turn off the washing machine

How to reset a Samsung washing machine if successful, you can turn it off first for machine adjustments or commands.

Then let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes before the washing machine works optimally.

If 30 minutes have passed, you can go back and check if there are still the same disturbances or not.

5. Restart the Washing Machine

Temporary washer reset

Source: YouTube/AsepDroid

After the washing machine is idle, you can turn on the washing machine by pressing the power button.

If there are no problems, then the washing machine has been successfully reset to factory settings so that it can be used again.

Samsung washing machine error alert

How to reset Samsung washing machine

Source: YouTube/Pugh Wicaksono

Get to know the Samsung washing machine error signs that you can do the following important things:

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1. Button Jam

The first sign of a Samsung washing machine that has an error and requires a reset of the module is on the button stuck, especially in the button. start.

In this section it will be marked by the sound produced, which is only twice then the washing machine does not start to work, because the user of the washing machine is worried and a little panicked.

2. Heavy Engine Sound

The second error on the Samsung washing machine that requires resetting the module comes from the sound source, especially if it is a little heavy.

This happens because the Samsung washing machine is overloaded, or the laundry is too heavy.

3. Using the wrong Keys

The next factor can be related to Samsung washing machine users who just press to find out the answer of the machine.

Instead of working, it will make the performance of the washing machine even more error so the module must be returned to the factory settings.

These are some ways to reset a Samsung washing machine that you can do quickly and easily, with the causes.

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