The easiest way to open a lock without a key. I must know!

The easiest way to open a lock without a key. I must know!

open the lock door

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Locks play an important role in everyday life.

Small objects are usually used to close certain rooms or objects to be safe from theft and other crimes.

The material of the lock made of metal makes it very strong and difficult for someone to open it.

This is what often makes many people interested in using it as a double security at home.

However, there are many people who neglect and forget to take care of the lock properly.

So, how do you open a lock without using the key?

For those of you who are curious, check out the full review below.

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The easiest way to open a lock without a key

You can also do this easy step as a way to open a locked house door without a key.

You can open the use of certain materials as below.

1. Opening a lock with a wire

open the lock with a clip


Just use the wire as a medium mainstream to open the lock.

You can use paper clips or paper clip which is bent to form a lock.

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Prepare about two wire clamps and pliers, Property People.

Then do the following steps.

  • Pull the end of the paperclip until it bends.
  • Then dance the next bow to form the letter U
  • Then straighten the wire in the bow until it forms a fused circle.
  • Next take the pliers, flatten the ends, and make a curve like a spoon at the top.
  • While on the second thread, open the top and make an indentation like a hook.
  • You can use this second thread with the first thread as a complement to open the padlock.
  • Attach the two wires at the top and bottom to form a lock.
  • Once both are in place, pull them at the same time until the lock opens.

2. How to unlock a lock with a hammer

house lock


In addition to using a clamp that looks more soft without breaking the lock.

You can also open the lock with a hammer.

However, you should only do it under urgent conditions, yes.

Because, the lock will be broken if you force it open with a hammer.

The way you can do it is like this.

  • Hit the lock on the U-shaped part of the lock.
  • Hit the part several times until the lock opens.

3. How to Open a Keyless Lock with a security Pin

padlock locked


A safety pin can also be the easiest way to open a lock without a key.

You can use pins, thread or clips for long shaped hair.

Then slowly insert the end of the safety pin and pull slightly to apply pressure to the lock.

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Repeat until the closed padlock starts to open.

4. Unlocking Locks with Hacksaw



This method is often used as a way for thieves to open locks without a key.

The saw that is commonly used is a saw to cut the U-shaped part of the iron lock.

The thinner the lock, the more effective and easier this saw will be.

5. Unlocking Locks with Grinders

keyless house lock


A grinder can also be a cutting tool used to open a lock without a key.

How to use it is very easy and fast, but it can damage the lock.

Therefore, this method is often used by thieves when they want to commit a crime.

6. Opening the lock with a screwdriver

padlock screwdriver

Source: blibli

A screwdriver can also be used as an aid when the lock at home no longer has a key.

You can use the small size of the eye to open the lock.

Do this by inserting the tip of a minus screwdriver and intensively tear the contents of the lock until it opens.


This is how you open the lock of a locked house.

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