The easiest and most effective way to install an automatic water pump

The easiest and most effective way to install an automatic water pump

How to install an automatic water pump

Go on, find out how to install an automatic water pump with the steps you can do from the following home.

The presence of water in everyday life is vital, from cooking, washing, to the bathroom and toilet.

To drain the water optimally, an automatic water pump is required.

The way this pump works is to suck the source of water into the reservoir or pipe and its equipment.

If you want to install an automatic water pump at home, it turns out that you don’t need to call a handyman. that’s it!

How to install a water pump is quite easy, so you can do it yourself.

What is the proper way to install a water pump?

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Automatic water pump type

Before you know how to install it, you must first understand the different types of automatic water pumps on the market. These are the types.

1. Automatic water pump Jet pump Deep well

Jetpump automatic pump


This pump has an automatic switch with the working principle of water pressure.

When the faucet opens, the water pressure from the water source automatically turns on and pushes the water into the pipe.

On the contrary, if the faucet is closed, the water pressure is weak so that the water pump turns off automatically.

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2. Water pumps for shallow wells

shallow well pump


This type of small well pump has a change that can be madet itself in a water reservoir with the working principle of the volume of water and the reservoir float.

When the water volume of the reservoir is empty, the float goes down and pulls the automatic switch so that the water pump turns on.

If the water is full, the float will rise and release the switch until the pump stops.

How to install an automatic water pump and the steps

How to install an automatic water pump


The process and method for installing automatic water pumps for both types of switches are generally almost the same. This is because the automatic switch can disconnect by disconnecting the positive cable from the main line to the water pump.

You can follow these easy steps:

  1. The first step is to connect the positive power lead to one of the terminals of the car.
  2. Next, connect the car wire terminal to one of the water pump wires.
  3. Make sure you don’t forget to connect the negative power cable to the other side of the water pump cable as well.
  4. The cable connections must be wrapped with adhesive tape or special cable insulation to avoid connecting the positive and negative electric currents because it will cause a short circuit.
  5. Don’t forget to install the cable grounding or ground mounted on one of the screws of the water pump machine to the ground.
  6. After the automatic water pump is properly installed, open one of the faucets before installing the switch.
  7. If the water pump does not turn on, close the water tap again as a way to install the water pump automatically.
  8. If the machine started optimally, close the water tap again after use.
  9. The components in the electric water pump work with the water pressure contained in the impeller chamber by the suction power of the pump that automatically opens the platinum and cuts the electric current when the water tap it is closed.
  10. On the contrary, the platinum will be closed and connect the electric current ON when the tap is opened.
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Automatic activation of the Reservoir

Water reservoir switch


Please note, the installation on a water reservoir can function to interrupt the electricity to the water pump, through the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the positive cable at the pump, then connect a new cable to each end of the cable that was cut and isolate the connection.
  2. Each end of the cable that was connected to the terminal in the reservoir switch. The distance or length of the cable can be adjusted according to the distance between the pump and the water reservoir.
  3. For the automatic system, by placing the highest and lowest float in the reservoir, this can also determine the capacity of the water in it.

Would you like to see a tutorial on how to install an automatic water pump in a toren? You can check this video!


Here are some things you need to know how to install an automatic water pump and solve the problem if it often turns on and off manually.

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