The cost of installing new electricity for PLN 2022, with details and how to register

The cost of installing new electricity for PLN 2022, with details and how to register

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The cost of installing new PLN electricity in 2022 varies according to the power capacity of each house to be installed. Therefore, it is better for you to understand the details. Go ahead, read the full review here!

For those of you who install new electricity at home, there is a price or a budget that must be prepared.

The launch of PLN’s official website, the cost of installing new electricity still refers to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 27 of 2017.

The rules have not been revised so they are still in effect today.

Various facilities and innovations from PLN continue to be carried out so that customers feel satisfied, one of which is now able to check home electricity bills online. online.

For information, domestic electricity installations are still dominated by power capacities of 900 VA and 1300 VA.

However, the electricity available for prepaid customers starts from 450 VA to 41,500 VA.

Meanwhile, postpaid electricity can reach a power capacity of 197,000 VA.

The cost of installing the new PLN Prepaid Electricity 2022

the cost of installing new electricity


If you includes a number of prepaid electricity installation costs 2022 and this includes 900 VA new electricity installation costs. So, how much does it cost?

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  • 450 VA power: IDR 421,000
  • 900 VA power: IDR 843,000
  • Power capacity 1300 VA: IDR 1,218,000
  • 2200 VA power: IDR 2,062,000
  • 3500 VA power: IDR 3,391,500

Beyond that, connecting 3 phases or additional power with limited power and Medium Voltage measurement is IDR 631.00/VA.

3 phase connection or additional power with power limitation and high voltage measurement is IDR 535.00/VA.

The cost of installing electricity already includes the cost of stamp duty, Security Deposit as Subscription (UJL), Connection Fee (BP), street lighting tax.

Meanwhile, citing kompas.comthere is also the cost of installing a new PLN postpaid electricity (postpaid).

Postpaid PLN New Electricity Install Fee 2022

  • 450VA: 242,900 Rp
  • 900 VA: 486,300 Rp
  • 1300 VA: 1,390,900 Rp
  • 2200 VA: 2,372.00 Rp
  • 3500VA: Rp3,941,000

Terms of Installation of 900 Watt Electricity

More specifically, because most Indonesians use electricity with a power of 900 watts, you must also know a number of conditions that apply when installing a new electricity with this amount of power.

For information, the government provides a free electricity program as the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 3 of 2022 for citizens who meet the following requirements:

  • You are not registered as a PLN customer
  • Being in a place where there is a low voltage PLN electricity network without network expansion
  • Enter the list of Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS)
  • Domiciled in the 3T area, namely the Utermost, Frontier, and Disadvantaged
  • In accordance with the validation of the village head (lurah) or other level officials

Meanwhile, for those who are not registered with DTKS, you can still use 900 watts of electricity by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Photocopy of ID (KTP/SIM)
  • House plans or maps (for survey purposes)
  • Theory
  • Buy a minimum of IDR 50,000 electricity tokens for a prepaid system
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How to register for the new PLN electricity installation

how to register electrical installation


After knowing the cost, you also need to know how to register for a new PLN electrical installation.

If you go directly to the PLN office, the potential client will be assisted by officers to fill out several forms that must be signed.

After that, potential customers will be asked to pay a number of fees by transferring to a state bank account.

For your information, the installation of new electricity PLN takes on average from 3 to 7 days, depending on the number of potential customers in the installation area.

However, to make it easier, you can choose how to install electricity directly online and visit the PLN official website

1. How to register for PLN’s New Electricity Installation via the Website

  1. Enter the site
  2. Click the “New installation” menu.
  3. Then the “New Install Terms and Conditions” page will appear.
  4. Scroll down and click “Agree”.
  5. Fill out the “Customer Details” form carefully according to the ID card.
  6. Fill out the “Applicant Details” form.
  7. Click the “Calculate Cost” menu.
  8. It will show us the amount that must be paid to make a new connection.
  9. Payments can be made at the PLN office or through an ATM at a designated bank.
  10. The connection officer from PLN will install the kWh meter.

PLN also provided a simulation to calculate the cost of installing new electricity that can be accessed via

This new installation service product includes prepaid electricity and postpaid electricity.

2. How to install New Electricity via PLN Mobile

  1. Open the PLN Mobile application, select the “Install New” menu.
  2. Select “Installation location”.
  3. Enter the “Service Details”.
  4. Enter “SLO data” then select token (prepaid only) and fill in customer data.
  5. Submit a request and make a payment.
  6. After the end, the officers from PLN make the installation at the house.
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3. How to Check Application Status

  1. Enter the site
  2. Select the “Profile” menu.
  3. Press “History list”.
  4. Click on the application until a list of applications appears.
  5. Click “View” to review application status details.


It is the cost of installing the new electricity PLN 2022 with a full explanation, Property People.

I hope the information is useful, yes.

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