The cold hands of the designer from Medan Sofyan Kwan have created many works

The cold hands of the designer from Medan Sofyan Kwan have created many works

on time, From the past to the present, the world of fashion has become a necessity of the society. Thus, this does not exclude the possibility of fashion designers or designers to create different types of fashion trends that keep up with the times from year to year.

Like the journey of Medan city designer Sofyan Kwan, with his cold hands, he managed to create many fashion works that are well known in different regions and even the world.

Sofyan Kwan once helped my friend in a boutique in Malaysia while in fashion school, until he eventually returned to Indonesia to open a business.

The works of this young man from Medan have been widely used not only among fashion lovers, but also by Indonesian artists such as dangdut singer Iis Dahlia to Ayu Ting-Ting.

Sofyan Kwan has designed thousands of different fashion trends so far. And at the beginning of 2023 and in celebration of the Valentine’s moment, Sofyan Kwan introduced a new dress called “Bleeding Heart”.

It is known that this dress depicts women’s difficulties in interpreting a woman’s beauty and confidence in her appearance. This time, at the dress presentation ceremony, Sofyan also released a video showing that beautiful women need maintenance expenses.

Sofyan explained the background of the ideas depicted in this last dress.

“The background of this dress is to send the message that beauty is expensive and beauty needs to be taken care of,” she said on Wednesday (2/15).

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Because at first, many assumed that this dress video was for a women’s campaign, so it was gold material.

“Then I heard stories from my friends that her husband was stingy but often pressured his partner to not be confident,” she said.

Of course, to answer this, have the idea to design a dress that portrays these conditions.

“Don’t dream of having a beautiful woman, but you don’t pay for beauty treatments and don’t play a role in household chores,” he said.

So this dress is made by weaving fabric and sequins that hang like drops of blood. “Bleeding Heart, love in the middle.

“In fact, there is a black and red cloth that means the old heart and experience, it is the strongest heart.” This dress is usually used for adults.

Sofyan Kwan also added that the clothes she designs have unique features that help customers look confident.

“I also have a unique way of designing gowns, if you look at all the designs, there are corset closures that make the gown design shine,” she said.

So that customers who wear them feel comfortable and fit their desired design model, because it is undeniable that clothing is one of the special concerns to support their lifestyle.

“I learned and tried a lot about Rococo style, Victorian and even Japanese patterns. Now that I understand fashion, I mix it up,” he said.

Some time ago, Sofyan Kwan’s works were featured in foreign fashion magazines from Malaysia to Dubai. He even collaborated with MG Car Medan because his creations are popular among the millennial and Gen Z generations.

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With the collaboration of the two, MG Car Medan highlights Sofyan Kwan’s distinctive character represented by his avant-garde, luxurious and often public-attention designs.

“I believe that when we are willing to try and learn, the struggle will not be in vain, everything will work out,” he said. (wol/eco/d2)