The best minimalist open plan kitchen design tips!

The best minimalist open plan kitchen design tips!

open minimalist kitchen

An open minimalist kitchen design can be an option, you can cook and prepare food while enjoying the beauty of the garden and the garden.

Make no mistake, open kitchen designs don’t just exist in homes abroad.

If you buy a house landed by a developer of type 30/60 or 36/60, it is not unusual for the house to have an open minimalist kitchen.

The kitchen is in a corner of the back of the house, the kitchen is left half open or semi-outdoor.

Some choose to close by making the kitchen closed, making walls and ceilings permanent.

However, not a few let the kitchen become semi-outdoor or open minimalist kitchen.

There are many options to maintain a kitchen like this, especially if you have land for your garden and garden.

Property site will review the inspiration for a minimalist open kitchen design that is right for you.

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Minimalist kitchen design inspiration

open minimalist kitchen

1. The kitchen that integrates with the back porch

This small open minimalist kitchen is connected minimalist garden behind the house.

Although this kitchen is really simple, it looks so attractive with the presence of a garden and the garden.

open minimalist kitchen

2. Install the Glass Sliding Door

To go in a minimalist open kitchen like this, you can install sliding glass doors and have large glass windows.

The kitchen, which is attached to the dining area, has a view of a small, well-kept garden.

open minimalist kitchen

3. Install the Bamboo Curtain

If you have an open kitchen design like this, you can install bamboo curtains as a separator between the kitchen and the back garden.

When the weather is bright, you can fold these curtains, while when it rains, you can take them.

open minimalist kitchen

4. Clean Kitchen with Open Concept

This minimalist open kitchen concept is certainly suitable if you have a minimalist garden behind the house.

You can design a clean kitchen to prepare snack rather than having a dirty kitchen.

open minimalist kitchen

5. Neat Open Minimalist Kitchen

This minimalist design of the open kitchen is small, but well designed so that it looks beautiful and attractive.

This open courtyard is also unique because it is a stretch of rocks, minimalistic and attractive.

open minimalist kitchen

6. Kitchen with Dining Room on Back Porch

The open kitchen is connected to the garden behind the house, only separated by bamboo curtains.

What is interesting about this open minimalist kitchen is the dining room that is open.

open minimalist kitchen

7. A small, well-ordered kitchen

Kitchenette to match small house interior designthis kitchen is connected to the back garden.

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When you look at the design, of course, you can guess that this open minimalist kitchen is a kitchen in a 36/60 type house.

open minimalist kitchen

8. Tiny Kitchen that Blends with the Service Room

A minimalist open kitchen design that combines the kitchen with a service room, also for washing clothes.

In fact, this kitchen and service room is also a dining room, there is nothing wrong with having a multifunctional room like this.

open minimalist kitchen

9. Kitchen Connected to the Back Terrace

The design of the minimalist kitchen open to the rear of the house is connected to the rear terrace, there is a bench to relax.

After cooking, you can take a break to relax or maybe even eat on the back porch.

open minimalist kitchen

10. Modern minimalist kitchen

This minimalist kitchen design of 3 × 3 meters is designed in a modern minimalist to apply white paint color.

In addition, the kitchen is also connected to a minimalist back garden, it is nice to be able to eat and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

open minimalist kitchen

11. Semi-open kitchen

A simple minimalist kitchen has a sliding glass door that is sized so that it becomes semi-open.

When cooking, just open the door so that the air circulation can be replaced with outside air.

open minimalist kitchen

12. Cooking outside

If you often entertain guests in the backyard, you should design a minimalist open kitchen design.

This minimalist open kitchen is perfect for preparing baked goods and soft drinks.

open minimalist kitchen

13. Open kitchen facing the garden

For those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, this open kitchen overlooking the garden can be an option.

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An open minimalist kitchen has a number of advantages over the kitchen in the house.

open minimalist kitchen

14. Kitchen and Lounge

The design of the open kitchen with a garden to the left and right of the kitchen, this room also feels fresh and comfortable.

In addition to the kitchen and dining room, this room also functioned as a chill room family

open minimalist kitchen

15. Spacious open minimalist kitchen

An open kitchen design behind a simple and spacious house, of course, if you have a big house.

If there is a family event that invites many people, then you are really obliged to have a minimalist open kitchen.

open minimalist kitchen

16. Modern Kitchen with Open Concept

A small open kitchen design that combines the kitchen with an open concept dining area.

Of course, breakfast and dinner activities become more enjoyable because they are held in such a place.

open minimalist kitchen

17. A Simple Open Kitchen

This minimalist open kitchen concept is like a simple open kitchen in a traditional house.

Even so, this simple open kitchen is beautiful, especially with wooden furniture and it is also surrounded by a garden.

Hmm, there are also many choices of minimalist open kitchen at home, you can choose according to your taste and floor area.

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