The Annual Group is leading the UN’s Commitment to Completion of the CAA Carbon Emissions Programme

The Annual Group is leading the UN’s Commitment to Completion of the CAA Carbon Emissions Programme

JAKARTA, Alert – Yili Group, the largest dairy company in Asia, supports the implementation of the carbon neutral program by implementing a low carbon emission policy in all aspects of the company’s factory production and operations. Zhao Xin, Vice President of Yili Group, said that this is proven by Yili’s successful submission of science-based target commitment (SBTi) and the acquisition of the first Green Electricity Certificate recognized in the electricity and carbon market.

Carbon management by Yili, the holding company of Indonesian ice cream maker Joyday, has also been recognized by the United Nations. In July 2021, the UNGC released the Corporate Net Zero Pathway for companies in the agriculture and food sectors, which provides comprehensive guidance on achieving carbon neutrality for companies that choose Yili as a model.

During the G20 Summit, Yili Indonesia committed to the government to protect coral reef marine life and contribute to sustainable development in Indonesia. At the same time, Yili Indonesia’s self-built factories also apply the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, reduce waste disposal and recycling, and produce high-quality Joyday ice cream products loved by Indonesian consumers.

The progress of the year’s carbon neutral program was delivered by Zhao Xin at the closing ceremony of the Climate Ambitions Accelerator (CAA) Program and the Targeted Accelerator Program for Gender Equality (TGE) in Shanghai, attended by the UN Resident Coordinator for China. Siddharth Chatterjee, Liu Meng, Head of the UNGC Asia Pacific Network, and dozens of senior representatives from a number of Chinese companies and other leading international companies.

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According to Zhao, this year is an important stage in the world’s journey towards the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Carbon neutrality, as it is known, is a situation where carbon emissions produced by humans are reabsorbed so that they do not have time to evaporate into the atmosphere. Another term for this is “net zero emissions” or net zero emissions.

In early 2022, the UNGC published the Net-Zero Standard by the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and launched the CAA program in China. It was one of the first corporations to take an active role in the annual six-month program. With UNGC’s support for building action-oriented capacity in the climate sector, Yili took a new step in its efforts to systematically and effectively implement the goal of carbon neutrality and achieve the goal of net zero emissions.

“The CAA program has supported Yili in achieving net zero carbon. In 2022, Yili launched the Plan for a Net-Zero Carbon Future and the Roadmap to a Net-Zero Carbon Future, whereby Yili will achieve carbon neutrality in the entire industrial chain by 2050,” said Zhao Xin.

Upon completion of the CAA program, it will be at the forefront and reference for all industry players both upstream and downstream of the industry chain in reducing annual carbon emissions, implementing green and sustainable philosophies, and accelerating progress towards a net zero emission future. (will/ego/d2)