The 5 best waterproof home ceiling materials

The 5 best waterproof home ceiling materials

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Get the best residential protection, with a variety of quality waterproof materials for the minimalist home. No more leaky roofs when it rains.

price The best roofing materials also vary a bit, and can be tailored to your needs at home.

Recommendations for Waterproofing Materials for Home Ceilings

These are some recommendations for roofing materials that are good, waterproof, and you can use them as references when you have to buy later. building materials for home

1. Gypsum Water Resistant

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In general, the materials minimalist home ceiling Like gypsum, it lacks good resistance to moisture conditions and is prone to damage when exposed to water.

This is due to the tendency of gypsum board to absorb water easily, so that over time it will cause the roof to collapse.

In fact, this material is highly preferred, due to the various advantages it offers.

Starting from the selling price of gypsum ceilings that are relatively affordable, the installation process is easy, the finish is amazing with many choices of design and color, and many are available in construction stores.

With the times, now there is a new variant of gypsum waterproof ceiling material that has a waterproof function.

This type is an innovation that incorporates a new material mix – such as silicon, in the gypsum manufacturing process, resulting in superior water resistant products.

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2. Kalsiboard House Ceiling Material

kalsiboard for roofs

In addition, there is a type of roof that is transformed into a sheet with the basic ingredient that is a special calcium mineral.

Kalsiboard roof it is quite common to find its use in Indonesian homes, due to its affordable selling price.

This good material for house roofs is also in great demand and is a recommendation for house roofs because it is strong and has better durability than gypsum.

Kalsiboard offers many excellent features, one of which is its ability to resist water.

This superior function is achieved, thanks to the mixture of main material in the form of calcium, which is a type of mineral that is difficult to dissolve in water.

However, the installation process can be quite time-consuming to achieve perfect results.

3. PVC ceiling

PVC ceiling

If the material of the minimalist roof of the house is definitely very familiar to your ears, namely the PVC type.

Taken from the name of the material it is made of, polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic with a strong structure and is widely used in various industries.

Not only for making roofs, PVC can also be used to make pipes, doors and windows.

Like the properties of plastic in general, you will find waterproof roof materials, which have a light weight, with high flexibility.

PVC roofs are also easy to obtain, and have excellent durability, with minimal maintenance.

Perfect to use in different rooms of the house, such as laundry room, kitchen to the bedroom.

4. Type of asbestos ceiling (plasterboard)

Asbestos, which was once a favorite building material in the early 2000s, is now being abandoned.

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The main factor lies in the discovery of the adverse health effects caused by the use of asbestos roofing materials.

The material for which it is made, namely plasterboard, is quite fragile and can produce dust that, if inhaled, can cause various pulmonary complications that are quite fatal.

Even so, this type of roof has a high resistance to different weather conditions, fire and water.

5. GRC Ceiling Material

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Sum: Eastland Building Materials

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) is a kind of minimalist home roof material that is getting more and more attention in the hearts of the public.

GRC uses a combination of basic materials in the form of composite concrete, which is reinforced with glass fiber.

As a result, you can get superior products that have a high ability to withstand different weather conditions, are not flammable, and of course waterproof.


This is a roofing material that is waterproof and strong for home use.

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