The 12 best minimalist bedroom ceiling designs. Make it more beautiful!

The 12 best minimalist bedroom ceiling designs. Make it more beautiful!

modern minimalist room ceiling

There are many models of minimalist bedroom ceilings that make the decoration more aesthetic Let’s take a look at the different tips.

Many things can be done to make a design bedroom a minimalist size of 3 × 3 meters looks more attractive.

You can start by applying the right minimalist house ceiling model, don’t underestimate this, here it is.

Ceiling not only serves as a cover for the ceiling of the room, but also gives a decorative touch.

Well, here are different choices of design inspiration for you.

12 Most models of room ceilings Aesthetic

1. Floating Design

Bedroom ceiling design

Designed as floating, this minimalist bedroom ceiling model looks attractive and luxurious.

Well, to get a design like this, Property People can use a gypsum ceiling attached to a hook, so it seems floating.

With this minimalist plaster ceiling, it will show the interior aesthetic.

2. Box Model

soft box model

A ceiling shape that you can use in the room is a box shape, a minimalist design that is the easiest to apply.

Usually, a design like this is also used as a minimalist living room ceiling model. This is perfect for your bedroom idea.

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3. Multilevel forms

room plaster ceiling model

The minimalist ceiling model of 2020 always feels interesting to use in a minimalist modern room, cool, right.

With a design that seems to be historical, this minimalist plaster ceiling model makes the minimalist room decorations more dynamic.

4. Plafon Garis Symmeteris

luxury bedroom ceiling

You can use this model for a minimalist bedroom design that measures 3 × 4 meters, it certainly looks luxurious.

This design uses the latest minimalist ceiling lamp model, which makes the interior design of the room elegant.

5. Healthy Ceiling Model

heart-shaped roof

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the master bedroom? Try applying this painted heart ceiling pattern.

It is guaranteed that your simple minimalist bedroom will be unique thanks to the minimalist ceiling design, like a honeymoon every day.

6. Ceiling Asymmetrical Shape

example of the bedroom ceiling

This model will make a minimalist room design more attractive and beautiful, simple but really cool.

To make the room bright, choose a minimalist ceiling paint color with neutral colors, such as white.

The minimalist GRC ceiling will present a dynamic accent inside the master bedroom.

7. Simple Ceiling Design

luxury bedroom ceiling

If you want a minimalist child’s room with a simple design, then this ceiling model is the right choice.

The model of the ceiling of the ceiling of the room of 3 × 3 meters will present an elegant sense of luxury, a contemporary feeling is felt.

8. Round Combination Ceiling Shape

picture of a round ceiling of the bedroom

The plaster ceiling of the bedroom with a combination of round and wavy shapes will make the room look dynamic in character.

To make it more interesting, also mix white and green ceiling paint colors as accents for a minimalist room interior.

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9. Ceiling Model with Lights

minimalist ceiling elegant bedroom

Language “Less is more” it becomes true if the ceiling of a minimalist bedroom is made like this, it’s really cool.

The minimalist model of the bedroom ceiling looks luxurious and beautiful aesthetic, because the shape is made elongated and has lights made on the edges.

10. Trapezoidal Ceiling Model

minimalist bedroom ceiling 2022

The ceiling pattern for this room is trapezoidal in shape.

The owner of the house deliberately designed the unique design of the ceiling, so that the decoration of the bedroom feels more aesthetic.

A shape like this will make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable, the sleep is even better.

11. Beautiful Room Ceiling

3 x 4. room ceiling model

(Source: Instagram / @ralinee_rosee)

This 3×4 room ceiling model feels beautiful because it is equipped with a minimalist chandelier.

The appearance of the ceiling of the room is even more interesting, because it uses paint list pink roof

12. Luxurious Futuristic Model

futuristic minimalist bedroom ceiling

(Source: Instagram / @ohhsohomey)

If you want the look of the latest bedroom ceiling model with a futuristic style, then this image can be the best inspiration.

The home owner made a ceiling design with lighting accents that look modern and unique.

These are various inspirations for minimalist bedroom ceiling models, with modern designs aesthetic. Lots of nice options.

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