The 10 strongest DC superhero characters besides Superman

The 10 strongest DC superhero characters besides Superman

DC superhero characters

When you hear the DC Universe, you will certainly mention iconic heroes, such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. However, there are many characters superheroes DC with other cool and extraordinary powers, you know.

The same as superheroes in this world Marvelcharacter DC is also very diverse, ranging from having magical power, high speed, to controlling lightning. Of course, each character has their own story and unique abilities.

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Among all the existing characters, it turns out that DC also has the most powerful heroes, you know.

So, anyone? Superhero Stronger DC?

Instead of being curious, just find out who what a superhero The strongest DC here.

1. The spectrum

The spectrum ais the avenging spirit of God blessed with various magical abilities. Spectre’s immense power makes it necessary for a human figure to control it.

In the story in DC comics, The spectrum the desire to avenge him for justice.

DC superheroes the specter

2. Martian Manhunter

character superheroes The second strongest DC is Martian Manhunter. Superhero This DC one can change its form, has super speed, high resistance and strength, becomes invisible, is able to regenerate quickly, fly and perform telepathy.

Not only that, Martian Manhunter can also improve the function of his body senses, you know. The following are recommendations for Martian Manhunter toys that you can buy.

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DC superhero Martian Manhunter
DC Multiverse 7 in Martian Manhunter

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3. Superman

Superman is one of the legendary characters that is a favorite of many people till now. Not without reason, Superman has extraordinary super powers, such as being able to fly, not being injured, and laser eyes.

Different from superheroes Another DC, Superman was more able to control his power. This is the recommendation action figure Superman you can buy.

superheroes DC superman
Superman (blue/red costume) Dc Justice League Movie 7 in figures

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4. Black Adam

You’ve seen the movie Black Adam this last in your favorite cinema? Dwayne Johnson’s performance in the game Black Adam received a lot of praise. Well, it turns out that Black Adam is included superheroes The strongest DC, you know.

Black Adam got his strength from the Egyptian god in the form of high speed, strong stamina, courage, can fly, and has the power of lightning.

DC superhero Black Adam

5. Shazam

A boy named Billy Batson suddenly, he gets various magical powers from the gods.

It can be changed in superheroes after mentioning the words “Shazam” and gain the strength of Hercules and Zeus, the stamina of Atlas, the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

Here are some tips for Shazam games you can buy.

DC superhero Shazam
Dc Multiverse 7 in King Shazam

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6. Doctor Fate

If you have seen the movie Black Adam in theaters, you will surely be amazed by the character of Dr. do it Some of the strengths of Dr. Fate, among others, sees the future, is able to heal, create his own world, perform telepathy, and much more.

In the movie Black Adam, Dr. Fate has a big role to play in saving Khandaq, you know. This is the recommendation action figure Dr. Make sure you can buy it.

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superhero DC Dr. destiny
Dr.fate Dc Gaming 7in Figs

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7. The Flash

Perhaps many are confused because The Flash can be included in the ranks superheroes The strongest DC. The answer is because the Flash is able to travel quickly into the past, and can change the future.

The Flash is able to give a butterfly effect, that is, small changes in the past will have a big impact in the future. Although it sounds simple, but it turns out that this can have a good impact on the world.

DC superhero the flash
Dc Multiverse 7in – Animated Flash

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8. Green Lantern

character superheroes This DC gets its power from Green power ring. He can achieve anything with the power of the ring. In other words, the power of the Green Lantern appeared based on his imagination.

Just imagine if the Green Lantern had a strong will, surely his strength would be extraordinary.

DC superhero Green Lantern
DC Multipack Green Lantern-dawnbreaker

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9. Wonder Woman

Not only men, but character superheroes women from DC this is still the most strong Wonder Woman is blessed with the power of the gods having extraordinary strength, speed and endurance.

Here are the tips action figure Wonder Woman you can buy.

DC superhero Wonder Woman
Dc Comic Action Figure Barbie Doll Wonder Woman 84 Core

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10. Aquaman

DC has it too superheroes the ocean is not less cool and strong, you know. Who else but Aquaman who is able to swim quickly, is able to talk to marine life, and has a strong fist.

DC superheroes Aquaman
DC Multiverse 7 in Aquaman Endless Winter

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Well, these are some of the strongest DC superhero characters you should know about. Wow, turns out the DC Universe has a lot of interesting characters, huh.

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