The 10 best aesthetic and bright kitchen paint color ideas 2022

The 10 best aesthetic and bright kitchen paint color ideas 2022

Bright kitchen paint colors

Bright kitchen paint colors can help improve it mood while cooking. Here are some of the best inspirations for you.

Choosing a good kitchen paint color is not an easy thing. There are many confusing color options to choose from.

In addition, the paint color should always be suitable for the kitchen design concept that you have.

For a minimalist home, of course, the choice of bright paint colors for the kitchen is an option to go in a narrow area.

Another solution, you have to organize simple kitchen decorations in such a way that it still looks spacious but aesthetic.

You can try oil-proof kitchen wall paint or use a combination of house paint colors.

So, if you have always wondered about the kitchen paint that matches which color? Here’s the full review below.

A good house paint color is really different, you can discover it depending on the residence concept.

However, if in general the color of the kitchen paint 2021 tends to be white, then you can choose another color that is also bright.

1. Minimalist kitchen with the yellow concept

Minimalist kitchen with yellow concept


Having the latest house paint colors can help elevate it mood, one of them with the color of the kitchen wall paint.

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Yellow is synonymous with joy and happiness, so you can cook with more enthusiasm in the kitchen.

2. Cream Color Kitchen Paint

cream colored kitchen paint


The color of the paint on the walls of the room in the house affects the emotional feelings of a person.

However, color selection cream on the kitchen wall painting can give the impression of a spacious and elegant room, you know.

3. Tosca Green Kitchen Paint

Tosca Green Kitchen Paint


Tosca green can make your kitchen look fresher, it can be combined with other colors, such as black and white or monochrome colors.

Not only that, this color also means emotional balance that can make you feel at home in the kitchen.

4. Gray Kitchen Paint Color

Gray Kitchen Paint Color


The color of the gray kitchen can make you concentrate more when you do the dishes, in addition this color also looks beautiful.

In addition to looking clean, the use of this color also calms people in the kitchen, yes.

5. Green color kitchen paint combination

Kitchen paint color combination green


If I may ask, what color green goes with the paint? then the answer can be white, gray, black, brown, and others.

The combination of green in a minimalist kitchen gives a feeling of calm so that you can relax more while cooking.

6. Purple Kitchen Paint Color with Kitchen Set

Purple Kitchen Paint Color With Kitchen Sets


It’s purple Kitchen paint colors according to feng shui symbolize prosperity and serenity.

You can make purple as a narrow kitchen paint color combination that aesthetic also, you know.

7. Red kitchen paint color

red kitchen paint color


The color red is synonymous with enthusiasm and energy, so it is suitable for those of you who are strong at heart.

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The reason is that this color is often used by fast food, because it activates a good appetite.

8. Pink kitchen paint

kitchen color pink


Since ancient times, the color pink has been used as a symbol of love, so remember Valentine’s Day.

For those of you who use this color of kitchen paint, of course, you can hope that the resulting dish is full of love.

9. Blue kitchen paint

Blue color paint


What color combination goes with blue? The answer is white, yellow, pastel and others.

As a color, blue has the meaning of calm so you can feel calm when you cook in the kitchen.

10. Turmeric Color Kitchen Paint

turmeric colored wall

Source: Edu Github

For those of you who want to feel happy in the kitchen, this color can be your choice, a fresh pastel color.

Do not underestimate the choice of kitchen color, yes, it can have an effect on the owners.


Here are the 10 best bright and aesthetic kitchen paint color ideas for 2022.

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