The 10 best aesthetic and anti-slip car garage floors

The 10 best aesthetic and anti-slip car garage floors

car garage floor

Many choices of car garage floors that make the terrace look aesthetic and prevents vehicle tires from slipping. Let’s take a look at the tips.

Selection of floor tiles car garage should be noted. In addition to aesthetic factors, of course the durability of the floor is also a major consideration.

Apart from the plan carport stucco, the area can also be designed attractive with the application of ceramic materials.

Do not leave the design of the car garage near the new house as old as corn, the floor is damaged or cracked.

Now, there are many good floor colors and you can choose according to your needs and tastes.

The price of garage tiles per meter also varies, of course, depending on the size and the reason.

You can find pottery carport the latter at the nearest construction store or e-commerce.

There are also various Luxury Home Porch Granite Modelwhich can be a complement to your residential garage.

The best garage floor inspiration tips

1. Natural Nuanced Ceramics

car garage pottery

To give harmony to the garden in front of the house, you can choose a minimalist garage plan with natural shades.

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Do not forget to choose a type of ceramic rough-textured, so that the car does not slip easily when you go to the garage, especially during the rainy season.

2. Square Floor with Coral Stone Accent

car garage floor with coral stone

A modern minimalist garage looks fresher with a square floor combined with a white brush stone.

With a floor model like this, the floor will be stronger to support the weight of your car, a floor like this is also not slippery when it rains.

3. Natural rocks

36. flat garage house type

A natural stone garage floor can bring uniqueness to the vehicle parking area in a small residence such as a type 36 house.

You can combine white coral with natural andesite stone that emits natural elements and rustic cool yes

4. Minimalist and Elegant

simple brush stone car garage pottery

This simple car garage plan is interesting because of the minimalist box shape with coral white accents.

Suitable for use in a minimalist car garage design in your favorite type 36 home, a small garage that can accommodate one car.

5. Concrete Floor

The floor of the car garage is not slippery

Exposed concrete has become a trend for various applications at home, even in the out of, This plan also beautifies the exterior.

Concrete is known for its strength against exposure to the weather, making it suitable for garage floors.

6. Exposure of concrete

minimalist garage floor

If the funds to make a modern minimalist garage are limited, try using an exposed concrete floor as a solution.

In addition to the price, this type of flooring is also a trend that is used in contemporary housing. The floor still looks fresh.

7. Patterned Floor

car garage pottery

To present a unique look, use a car garage tile with a floral pattern. The garage floor looks great.

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Also choose a ceramic color with natural shades, such as brown or beige, so that it does not get dirty easily and also shows the reason.

8. Minimalist Floor Model

minimalist carport flooring

The carport plan with this model is suitable for the latest modern minimalist house of 2021, a simple plan that looks cool.

With the exposed concrete color and combined with the use of white coral, the garage floor looks clean and elegant.

9. Checkered variation

the latest minimalist car garage ceramics

So that the garage floor does not look monotonous, you can also design it with a variety of checkered motifs.

The reason also functions as a foot for car tires so that they do not slide when crossing them, especially when the rainy season arrives.

10. Modern garage

luxury home garage flooring

This latest car garage ceramic will feature a modern and luxurious feel, patterns and textures that look really cool.

Make a symmetrical floor pattern to give an attractive and clean impression to the garage area. The color combination is nice too, isn’t it?


Here are various inspirations for car garage floors that you can try at home, adding to the exterior and the area of ​​the house.

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