Temper Clear to Remove Control Words and How to Get It

Temper Clear to Remove Control Words and How to Get It

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Request code clear Tempering to remove the word check is often done when the seal of the electrical installation meter is opened and the meter light is on.

Not only that, usually the meter is accompanied by the presence of a flashing “check” written on the screen of the meter, so you have to deal with it immediately.

Well, these obstacles are often experienced by the residents of the house caused by many factors.

One of the reasons why an electric meter has a tick mark is usually due to the difference between the incoming electric current and the outgoing electric current.

Thus, the meter considers a problem so that it will automatically give a “verified” warning.

If you have a similar thing and can not complete the electricity token because of the writing “verify”, then you have to complete the code. clear temperature

Get Clear Temper Code to remove Checkword

electric meter

source: Jadiberkah.com

Password clear temper to eliminate the control word consisting of 20 digit numbers that function to activate the prepaid meter.

The meter reset code aims to make it easier for PLN officials to overcome problems and disturbances in the meter.

In addition, another purpose of the code clear Tempering is to reduce fraudulent acts until the theft of electricity that is often done through steps such as modifying the inside of the meter.

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How to get the code clear temper to remove the control of the word can be obtained only by contacting call center PLN, Property People.

Open the phone and make a call to the number 123, after connecting to PLN, send the destination to get the code clear temperature

Later, the code will be given by PLN after going through several stages.

As is the Code Clear Temper?

clear temper code to clear the control word

source: apawatt.com

As I said before, the code clear tempera from PLN in the form of 20 digits with each 4 numbers separated by spaces.

Although almost the same as the electricity token number, but of course the code clear the temperature has been determined by PLN and will not increase kWh.

How to enter the code Clear Temper

Well, after contacting call center PLN official and get the code, then you have to enter the electricity meter.

The steps that must be taken are the following:

  • Before entering the code, make sure the electrical MCB is off, but the meter is on.
  • After that, enter the code clear The temper you got from PLN one by one is 20 digits.
  • If all the token codes have been entered, press the “Enter” button or the arrow on the button of the electricity meter and make sure that the numbers you have entered are correct.
  • If successful, the writing of “verify” on the meter will disappear and you can fill the electricity token as usual.

For information, code clear The temper you get from PLN can only be used once.

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Therefore, if the meter returns the word “verify”, you must ask for the code again clear temper to PLN as in the previous step.

Call center PLN will serve its customers 24 hours a day.

Therefore, you can always contact the PLN at any time according to the emergency problems on the electricity meter.

However, it is recommended to contact PLN during business hours so that the handling can be dealt with quickly.


Here is the information about clear temper to remove the control word, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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