Take a look at the Mezzanine inspiration for a Minimalist House in the style of NolanVilan’s Residence

Take a look at the Mezzanine inspiration for a Minimalist House in the style of NolanVilan’s Residence

The mezzanine area of ​​the minimalist house the residence of NolanVilan

To overcome the limitations of the land, the owner of the NolanVilan Residence presents a functional mezzanine. What does this minimalist home mezzanine design look like? Read here.

There are many ways that small residential owners can do so that the needs of the room can be met properly.

One of them is to create a mezzanine area in the residence.

What is a mezzanine?

Mezzanine is an additional room in a building that is located between the ground floor and the roof of the residential roof.

This area can be used for different purposes. For example, the bedroom and also the work space.

This concept is present in the design of the house small house belongs to the NolanVilan residence.

Some time ago, the www.lacrymosemedia.com editorial team had the opportunity to speak with Praditya Kusuma, the owner of the NolanVilan Residence, about the design of the additional room.

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The Process of Building a Functional Minimalist Mezzanine House

interior of a house-style Nolanvillan residence

(Source: Instagram / @kediaman.nv)

For information, NolanVilan Residence is a residence small house which is located in Mangunharjo, Semarang, Central Java.

The owner explained that he built the minimalist house on a land area of ​​5 x 20 meters.

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While the construction area is 3 x 9 meters.

This residence has a living room, kitchen, as well as a minimalist garden and a carport.

Although the size is relatively small, this type 27 house has a mezzanine area measuring 3 x 5 meters with an aesthetic design.

The man who is familiar called Raditya explained that the additional space was used for the main bedroom, as well as the work space.

“In terms of the design concept, this mezzanine area follows other rooms that come with natural shades and are dominated by white,” said Raditya.

However, in the mezzanine, Raditya and his wife chose to use a gray vinyl material.

“For the construction time, this mezzanine area coincides with the construction process of the house that lasted 5 months,” he said.

Inspired by Hotel Rooms

Aesthetic design of rooms

(Source: Instagram / @kediaman.nv)

Also, a man who works as a photographer before marriage This admitted that the general design of the NolanVilan Residence was inspired by several shooting locations that he had visited.

However, specifically for the mezzanine area of ​​the minimalist home, Raditya said he took inspiration from hotel rooms.

The feeling when you are in this mezzanine as when you are station in the hotel room. So, you don’t have to go far,” he said with a laugh.

“My wife and I can enjoy the view of the surrounding environment from behind the window,” added Raditya.

Tips for building a Mezzanine in the style of the NolanVilan Residence

workspace in a minimalist house mezzanine

(Source: Instagram / @kediaman.nv)

For Owners who are thinking of introducing a mezzanine area in their preferred residence, here are some tips:

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1. Pay attention to the height of the ceiling of the room

According to Praditya Kusuma, the ideal minimum ceiling height for a mezzanine area is 5.5 meters.

“So, the owners can divide the ceiling height of the room in two. For example, the bottom floor is 2.5 meters and the top floor is 3 meters,” he said.

2. Pay attention to the Property of Structural Materials

He suggested, choose a quality mezzanine base structure material and have a sufficient thickness.

“I chose a thick GRC material, to make it stronger and more durable,” concluded Raditya.


Well, this is the inspiration for a minimalist house mezzanine in the style of the NolanVilan Residence.

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