Take a look at how to easily remove mold on walls

Take a look at how to easily remove mold on walls

remove the mold on the walls

Wall fungus is one of the problems that often arises. Of course, their existence is quite disturbing, in addition, there are also many types of fungi that are harmful to humans. Usually the fungus appears because the wall is often in a wet state. Not only one type of fungus that often appears, but many types of fungus can appear on the surface of the wall. So a special trick is needed to easily remove the mold on the wall. For those of you who want to know how to get rid of mold on walls, consider the following tips and tricks:

3 Types of mushrooms that like to appear on the walls of the house

Before discussing how to get rid of mold on the walls, you need to know in advance what types of mold like to appear on the walls and the level of danger for your family so that you can determine the steps to take.

Mold Penicillium

In fact, penicillium are often used as antibiotics in the world of health. However, when this fungus lives and grows on the walls of the house, it can cause health problems, especially your breathing. Mold penicillium mushrooms are included in groups B and C based on the level of their influence on your health. This fungus is usually yellow, green and black.

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Mold Aspergillus

This fungus is most often found at home. It usually lives on walls and canvas. However, the side effects of this fungus are no joke because it can cause diseases such as respiratory infections, pneumonia and allergies. This mushroom has brown and black characteristics. Based on side effects, mushrooms aspergillus included in groups A and B.

Mold Cladosporium

This fungus can live in many places, such as carpets, wood, walls. This fungus has good resistance, so it can live in hot and cold places. If in your house there is moss but it is brown, it means that the walls of your house have become a place for this fungus to live. Like other mushrooms, cladosporium it negatively affects your breathing.

Causes of Fungus Appearing in House Walls

There are many reasons why mold appears and lives on the walls of your house, namely:

  • Lack of air ventilation, so the air becomes humid
  • Poor air circulation
  • Often or never hit by floods
  • Leaky roof or pipe

Easy ways to get rid of mushrooms on the walls

Use cleaning fluid

This is an easy way to get rid of mold at home. Currently, the wall fungus cleaning liquid has been spread in many places market. The price is also cheap, so anyone can buy it. The trick is as simple as mixing 30 ml of cleaning fluid in 4 liters of water, then rub the mixture on the wall where there is fungus. Do not forget to use gloves and goggles when rubbing the liquid against the wall, of!

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Remove or replace furniture

Do not hesitate to remove or replace the furniture that is moldy and do the walls too. For example, your house was hit by a flood and after that incident, your carpet becomes moldy. Over time, the walls became moldy as a result. Therefore, do not hesitate to throw away the carpet that is the source of the fungus. Because, if it is not checked, it will have a bad influence on your health and that of your family.