Take a look at 7 Tips for the design of such a creamy living room

Take a look at 7 Tips for the design of such a creamy living room

colored cream

The beige color is a suitable choice for any style of space, ranging from minimalist, modern, scandinavian, up to vintage. In fact, colorful furniture cream it can give the illusion of a room that looks more spacious.

In addition, beige furniture is easy to combine with many colors of wall paint, both white and light colors.

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However, beige furniture is more suitable for living rooms. See, color cream can give the impression home and also creates a warm atmosphere.

So, how to combine cream furniture?

Citing from different sources, we found many ways to transform the living room into an all-beige to make you feel more comfortable.

1. Install the Beige Color Sofa

The cream color is one of the best-selling sofa colors this year. Well, you can use a beige sofa in the family room. Place the sofa near the window to create the illusion of a larger room.

Also, you can use a bedside table or a side table next to the sofa like this idea.

colored cream
Ashley Traemore 2 Seater Fabric Sofa – Beige

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2. Add a Wooden Table

You don’t just have to use all cream-colored furniture, you can combine it with brown wooden furniture. For example, a beige sofa combined with a guest table or coffee table brown color as inspiration ii.

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You see, these two colors can create a more elegant and non-monotonous impression. Just add decorations with bright colors to make it more aesthetic.

beige brown wood table
Guest table of the century

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3. Use Beige Shelf

The shelf is furniture multifunctional that can be used to store a collection of books, as well as a room decoration. Choose a cream-colored shelf that the material is made of particle boards so that the surface is smooth and shiny.

Just sit in the corner of the room, then see with some ornaments and samples of the same color, as the following inspiration.

colored cream
Spencer Bookshelf – Cream

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4. Add Bench Ottoman

To get an extra seat, you can use a stool Poof. This bench can also make the look of the room aesthetic. Here is a bank recommendation Poof cream color that you can use at home.

cream colored ottoman chair
Macrame Bench – Beige

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cream colored ottoman
Ottoman Bank – Krem

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5. Install the Chandelier

The chandelier has lighting that focuses on the place below. Then, you can place the chandelier right above the sofa.

Well, the beige design in the living room is suitable to be combined with a yellow chandelier, as below.

light for room cream color
Decorative lamp Eglo Loncino 3l – Black

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6. Install Beige Curtains

Beige curtains on the windows can make the room seem warmer at night. You can buy curtains from material polyester thick and impervious to sunlight, as our recommendations below.

cream colored curtains
Gorden Blackout 135×250 Cm Set 2 Pcs – Krem

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7. Install the Wall mirror

If you want to make the family room more spacious, of course the key is to place the right mirror. You can put a mirror on the opposite wall or next to the window so that the reflection of the sun can enter optimally.

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Choose a mirror with a circle or a square shape so that it is not obstructed, and also can decorate the walls of the room, as below.

colored cream
Informa 20×20 cm Set of 6 Square Wall Mirrors Decoration J55

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It is an easy way that you can apply to make a beige family room. You can find all the furniture above only at www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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