Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle, LIGHThouse re-introduces LWC

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle, LIGHThouse re-introduces LWC

on time, – To prevent various health risks, both short-term and long-term, obesity needs to be tackled more than just maintaining appearance.

Recognizing this, LIGHThouse, as a leading clinic providing weight management and body contouring services, once again presents the LIGHTweight Challenge (LWC), a weight loss competition held in three cities, namely Medan, Surabaya and Jakarta.

LIGHThouse Marketing Head Esty Meirizka said that the LIGHTweight Challenge program is the first weight loss competition in Indonesia that uses a comprehensive program and is managed by a medical team.

“Through the LWC program, LIGHThouse wants to educate and inspire those struggling with obesity that dieting can be done in a healthy and fun way, helping contestants achieve their goals and dreams of ideal body weight and optimal health. We hope that the LWC Finalists can become inspirational role models with their experience and ability to teach healthy lifestyles to the general public,” said Esti.

Entering its 8th year, the series of events at LWC is this time designed to be as comprehensive and attractive as possible and is still under the supervision of professionals such as doctors, nutritionists and psychologists from LIGHThouse Clinic. It was noted that thousands of eager registrants participated in the LWC registration process this year, and they were selected to be 55 finalists (20 from Jabodetabek, 15 from Medan, and 20 from Surabaya) to move on to the LIGHTweight program. a comprehensive, simple yet consistent weight loss program. managed and managed directly by medical experts.

Tara de Thouars, Mind & Behavior Expert LIGHThouse, added that the first step to weight loss is to set the patient’s mindset on a healthy and balanced diet.

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“In order to achieve a stable ideal body weight, there must be public awareness that weight loss begins with the right mindset of a healthy diet program, how this mindset can begin to understand the patient’s behavior patterns, fast and extreme diets. to gain weight. Their ideal body does not necessarily have a positive effect in the long run,” he added.

During the competition, the finalists were challenged to participate in a series of programs designed by Nutritionists and Psychologists, including seminars, mini-groups, as well as various mini-competitions each week to motivate all finalists to achieve optimal weight loss results. .

As the 1st champion of Feri Andika Putra Kaya Harahap LWC 2022, he revealed that the help of experts during the LIGHTweight Challenge was very useful, so he was able to reap many benefits. Now I have a better understanding of the body’s characteristics and how to store calories according to my body’s needs,” Feri said.

Feri managed to lose weight from 94.6 kg to 76.2 kg while participating in this competition. Having this contest is part of LIGHThouse’s commitment to supporting the healthy lifestyle of the Indonesian people.

“We hope this program can reach more people to help them improve their quality of life and lead a healthier lifestyle,” Esty concluded.(wol/rls/eko/d1)