Story of Silver Man Singers can earn Rp 150 thousand per day

Story of Silver Man Singers can earn Rp 150 thousand per day

on time, – The increase in people engaged in street trading by painting their bodies silver or more commonly known as “silver people” has created many positive and negative aspects among the public.

In particular, most of these silver people are minors who are looking for rupees by asking drivers at road junctions. They perform red light stunts to survive while carrying money boxes with silver paint all over their bodies.

One of the silver people at the red light intersection with his body covered in paint, Jalan SM Raja, Medan City, Ari, said that being a silver man is not a compulsion but a choice.

“Because I’m a silver man, I’m with my friends and I don’t go to school anymore. In addition to being at a red light here, I sometimes go to a red light in Johor if the local people are tired of seeing it.” Remember this 20-year-old man when you visit Online Noticea while ago.

In one day, Ari admits, he can earn up to Rp 150,000 if it’s crowded, but if the conditions are calm, he only gets Rp 50,000. “If we work from 13.00 to 19.00 WIB,” he said.

Further, he mentioned that to become a silver man, you first have to spend capital to buy paint and thinner for 15 thousand rupees for two uses.

In addition, silver people often experience pain and sores due to silver paint. This is often felt by them, but gradually they get used to it. They have gone through many trials, the scorching heat of the sun and the pursuit of Satpol PP has become a daily staple. (wol/zik/syifa/d1)

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