Spirit Capital, Simon founded Spirit Books and Coffee

Spirit Capital, Simon founded Spirit Books and Coffee

on time, lacrymosemedia.com – Having fun drinking a cup of coffee in cafes seems to have become a way of life for young people in both urban and rural areas.

Currently, there are many cafes or places to hang out in Medan city that offer various facilities and comfort places to the guests.

But this cafe is different. Spirit Books and Coffee is located at Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan Baru District, Medan City. This cafe is not only a place to drink coffee but also provides various types of books as a source of knowledge and entertainment.

Starting with a passion for reading and a need to read a fair amount, Albert Simon Simajuntak, Owner of Soul Books and Coffee, has created a reading garden for all walks of life.

“Wherever I go, I usually find a place to read, I always take a book with me. My friends know that I am an active renter in the reading garden and often say why are you renting, you rent it, after all, I think,” he said when he came to visit. Online NoticeFriday, (2/24) at Spirit Books and Coffee.

In early 2006, on his way out of campus, a man known as Simon saw a rented shop. Finally I thought it would be nice if this place could be used as a book rental place.

When asked about the spirit name for his business, the University of North Sumatra (USU) graduate admitted that he first found a place to study but no book collection, so we started by renting a place. book shopping.

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“When the reading place started, we were confused about what name to call this reading place, but then the enthusiasm was so high that we thought of the name spirit, and finally we did it with the name of Spirit,” he said.

Spirit Capital, Simon founded Spirit Books and Coffee
Spirit Capital, Simon founded Spirit Books and Coffee

In addition, this 45-year-old man said that his total book collection is about 45,000. Although not many, there are several types of books such as fiction, novels, comics, politics, culture and children’s stories.

Simon explained: “To get an interest in reading you have to start it early, so I want to add more children’s books in the future.”

The conditions to pick up the books are valid photocopy of ID, payment of IDR 5,000 administration fee and IDR 100,000 security deposit when becoming a clergy member. “The open schedule for Spirit Books and Coffee is Monday to Saturday 14.00-20.00 WIB,” he said.

Thus, he hopes that he can continue to add to the Spirit books and Coffee book collection so that it will be even more complete in the future.

One of the visitors, Fadel, said that it is very fun to have fun here. The owner is also friendly: “I hope this cafe will be more crowded and have many guests.” (will/syf/d1)