Smart Living, the most interested residential concept

Smart Living, the most interested residential concept

Residential design intelligent life is currently a trend that is requested by many people. Having a residence with this concept will certainly make the experience of living at home more comfortable and easy. Along with the rapid development of technology, all the lines of life have been developed to be more sophisticated which of course makes life more practical.

As now almost everyone has been facilitated by the use of a mobile phone or smartphone smartphonesEven now, people can enjoy the experience of living in a residence that uses the concept of intelligent life with the use of technology internet of things (IOT).

Of course, we are familiar with the many housing concepts offered, such as: echo live for instance. Now it’s the turn of the concept intelligent life which has started to become a trend and very much in demand. This concept puts comfort and practicality in the housing sector. This concept integrates technology for convenience for everyone in it.

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Draft intelligent life itself is not yet closed only for housing. But this concept can also be applied to offices or anywhere that involves many people in one environment. Therefore, this concept can be widely applied not only for residential purposes. Using technology, we can apply this concept according to our needs.

Draft intelligent life This is inseparable from the use of technology that supports the concept. Internet of Things (IoT) is the main technology used to apply the concept intelligent life for occupation. Here are some widely used IoT technologies:

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Technology voice assistant it’s a technology that’s been around for a long time. Previously, people were familiar with Google Voice and Siri software on smartphones, where users could activate voice commands to operate their smartphones. Now, the device voice assistant integrated with the concept intelligent life already introduced and widely used.

Device voice assistant such as Alexa Echo Dot and Google Assistant have been widely used to facilitate settings in the home or office. With just a voice command via a small device like Alexa Echo Dot or Google Assistant, you can operate your home.

Intelligent security system is one of the technologies that is also often applied to the concept intelligent life. This smart security system will make your home or office security more sophisticated and the security system will increase. An example of a smart security system includes: smart door lock which can be operated remotely. You can lock the door of your house only through your smart phone remotely. Thus, you can check the security of your home from afar.

Another example is motion sensor which can detect if there is movement. Technology motion sensor This can be used for the operation of the lamp. For example, the bathroom light turns on automatically when you enter the bathroom. Finally, of course, is a CCTV system that can monitor your entire home.

Smart home system or a smart home system is a system that integrates all of the above technologies. This smart home system is centered on a point that is usually in the form of an application on your smartphone or tablet. Thus, you can manage your entire home just by operating your smartphone. You can turn on electronic goods, check CCTV, and so on via just a smart phone. Of course, this smart home system can increase efficiency and comfort while staying at home

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Benefits you can enjoy

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you have a home that uses the concept intelligent life this. Here are some of the benefits of applying the concept intelligent life: :

  • Feel more comfortable and safe

By using IoT technology in your smart home system, you will be more comfortable and safe in your home. Only with the operating system via a smartphone or device voice assistant, you can do many things. You can turn on electronic goods without having to move from your place.

Also, you can program when electronic items like lights and air conditioners to turn on and off. Thus, the operation of the house becomes more efficient. In addition, the security of your home becomes more secure. With CCTV technology and smart door lock which can also be operated via a smartphone, so you can check whether your home is safe or not at any time.

  • The use of electrical energy becomes more efficient

The smart home system used by concept homes intelligent life this helps to increase the efficiency of the energy spent by the house. You can easily set when your electronic items should be turned on and when they should be turned off. If you forget to turn off the lights or the air conditioner, you can immediately check your smart phone and turn it off immediately without having to return home.

Also, you can use technology motion sensor which can detect movement. For example, the lights in the living room or bathroom only turn on when someone enters. If there is none, it will die automatically. Of course, this will increase the energy efficiency in your home.

  • Better quality of life
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Easier and more practical home operation, as well as better energy efficiency will certainly have an impact on your quality of life. With all the increased practicality, safety and comfort, your quality of life will increase. Therefore, the concept of intelligent life This property is extensively developed by real estate developers to create a comfortable residence for its residents.

For those of you who want a more comfortable and safe residence, then look for a residence that has adopted the concept intelligent life. Because housing with this concept definitely pays attention to important aspects of the concept intelligent life such as comfort, health, for better security for its residents. Today, technological developments are very advanced, so there is nothing wrong for us to use technology for our homes.