Similar is not the same, this is the difference between blenders and juicers

Similar is not the same, this is the difference between blenders and juicers

You should often think that blender and juicer it is the same electronic device. Although they are both for making juice and smoothing food, it turns out that these two devices have significant differences, you know!


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So, what are the differences between Blender and Juicer?

There are many differences between blenders and juicer that you need to know, as follows.

1. In terms of the Manufacturing process and the final results

Both of these tools have the same function to grind food ingredients, both fruits and vegetables. However, the working process of the two is completely different.

Blenders work by crushing the food ingredients together with the pulp so that the juice and fiber from the food ingredients remain.

That is why the juice from the blender is always thicker and has full fiber. Usually, this tool is more suitable for children who are currently undergoing a complementary feeding program.

Whenever you buy a blender, you can take several containers at once, such as drinking bottles, to grind spices, and large containers.

blenders and juicers
Blender that has many containers at once

Different from blender, work process juicer it usually separates the fiber from the food ingredients so that what is produced is pure fruit juice.

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Well, in its development, tools juicer divided into two types, viz juice extractor and slow juicer.

Juice extractor it usually has a serrated blade that spins very quickly to cut food. This is what it does juice extractor noisier compared to slow juicer.

While that slow juicer, Grind the food slowly so as not to remove the nutrients in it.

Even so, good slow juicer neither juice extractor, both produce extracts of food ingredients in liquid form and are separated from the pit. However, the juice yields from slow juicer a little thicker.

blenders and juicers
Slow juicer will produce the best fruit juice

2. In terms of flexibility

Along with the development of technology, the blender model has become more practical. One of the most popular and popular blender models is the blender portable.

This tool is perfect for those of you who like to travel. It has a small shape and is equipped with a bottle for drinking, making it easier for you to use it at any time.

How to use this blender is also quite easy and does not require electricity. You only need to charge the battery of the blender using it power bank.

Unlike the blender, usually juicer it can only be used when connected to electricity and has a larger size.

blenders and juicers
Portable blenders are more practical and efficient to use

3. In terms of use

For those of you who like to cook at home, a regular blender may be the right choice. This tool can not only puree fruit, but also as a vegetable chopper.

Usually, this blender is also equipped with several containers for grinding spices and cutting fruits. Blenders are also more often used to smooth solid fruits, such as avocados, mangoes, apples, bananas, etc.

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You can also use a hand blender or hand blender which is more practical for smoothing ingredients and chopping spices. Another advantage of this tool is that it has a simple design and cbumped so that it is easier for us to save.

While that juicer, especially slow juicer, usually to get the essence of the food. The advantages of slow juicer is to separate the feces from the food ingredients, but does not remove the nutrients.

You can also mix fruits and vegetables and take the juice. In general, juicer more used for fruits that have a lot of water, such as watermelon, orange, papaya, cantaloupe and so on.

blenders and juicers
Slow juicers can be used for fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water

4. In terms of nutrition of food ingredients

Blending food with a blender can reduce existing nutrients. This happens because the blender generates heat from the rotation of the knife so that it breaks down important substances in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins.

In the meantime, use it juicergood slow juicer o juice extractor, can retain nutrients in food. This tool uses technology slow squeezethat is, squeezing the fruit gently so as not to take away its nutrients and natural flavors.

blenders and juicers
From the nutritional results, the slow juicer is superior because it does not remove the nutritional content

It is the difference between blenders and juicers, starting from the manufacturing process, how it works, to the results. Thus, you can choose the tool that best suits your needs.

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