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SERA Services in Logistics and Transportation, Quality of Offer – Alert Online – Who doesn’t know PT Astra International? The business giant of the automotive sector, which has already begun to be recognized, is not only a transport company, but also a logistics company. PT Astra now has a subsidiary called Serasi Logistik Indonesia (SELOG) and PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA).

Each subsidiary has its own field of activity. For example, PT SERA is more focused and developing its business in the transportation and automotive sector. SELOG is engaged in the development of logistics business.

So how do the two subsidiaries synergize to maintain quality to stay in the “heart” of customers? This article will cover various SELOG and SERA services in the field of transport and logistics.

Overview of SERA

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) started its business in 1986 as a car rental company. Over time, SERA has now become a multinational company engaged in logistics and transportation.

Under PT Astra International, SERA continues to ensure that it is the best and most reliable logistics company not only in the country but also abroad. Various global export-import logistics have been proven to work with Astra’s subsidiaries.

Due to market trends and customer demand, SERA is now developing logistics and transportation businesses as well as selling used cars, etc. For those who want to rent a car, service is also provided here.

As a reliable transport and logistics company, SERA undoubtedly has fast, accurate, safe and timely logistics and transportation services. So what services does SERA provide? The following are the logistics and transportation services that you can benefit from.

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Services in the field of logistics

In the field of logistics, SERA Logistics has excellent services by land, sea and air. Below are some of the shipments SERA offers:

1. Contract Logistics

For those who want integrated delivery of goods, you can work with SELOG as they already have Contract Logistics which ensures good integration of goods delivery process.

SELOG also opens shipments not only within the country, but also abroad. Including the type of goods you want to ship, even four-wheelers, heavy equipment, etc. You can send via SELOG.

2. Shipping services

For those who have a business network in the country, there is no need to worry as SERA also provides special delivery services for the transportation of goods within the country. As with export-import activities, in terms of shipping service, SELOG accepts heavy equipment shipments for the automotive industry.

3. Shipping Agency

SERA is also very serious about customer satisfaction. This is proven by the cooperation with Jardine Shipping Services. Namely, the largest shipping agent in Asia that makes your goods safer.

4. Forwarding

Another service from SERA, one of the best logistics companies in Indonesia, is the Forwarding facility. With this service, you can ship various types of heavy equipment.

You can also choose your preferred mode of transport. Another advantage is guaranteed safety, timely delivery and safe keeping of the goods in your hands.

5. Warehouse services

It is a warehouse system integrated with the logistics system, not less important than the logistics service management. A good warehouse management system is necessary to ensure that supply chain needs are properly met.

SELOG provides good warehouse management, so the tracking system can be controlled starting from shipping, receiving, picking, storage, damaged goods, over-shipped goods, etc.

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6. Courier service

Another advantage of the services provided by SELOG is the courier service that will facilitate the shipment of goods. There are several services that you can choose from with different time periods such as same day, next day and regular services.

Each service has a different process and time frame, so you can ship anything from the lightest documents to the heaviest hardware. With the support of more than 500 trucks, SERA is able to serve consumers well.

Transportation Services

SERA Services in Logistics and Transportation, Offers Quality
Photo SERA

In addition to logistics services, SERA also provides transportation services. In fact, this subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk is known as Indonesia’s transport company with the largest transport services. Below are some of the transportation services that SERA offers.

1. Vehicle rental

SERA has a car rental business line integrated with ASTRA. Through the ASTRA system, you can rent a motor vehicle for company or personal purposes.

SERA offers various conveniences for you, including the convenience of renting a car with simplified conditions for customers. One thing is for sure, SERA is the best solution for those who need a comfortable and safe rental car.

2. Purchase and sale of used vehicles

Want to buy and sell used cars? Don’t worry, SERA may be the best solution for you. Through Mobil88, you can sell your used car in Indonesia. Currently, 21 company branches spread across Indonesia are ready to serve you.

Don’t worry, SERA guarantees that you are safe and comfortable when buying and selling used cars on mobil88. For those who want the best service, SERA has the best, most reliable and experienced staff ready to serve you professionally.

3. Vehicle auction

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Cooperation with Serasi Autoraya (SERA) will certainly have many advantages, where another advantage is that you can buy vehicles through the auction system.

As the lead company, SERA is currently cooperating with IBID Balai Lelang Serasi in terms of conducting auctions. Through the auction, you can buy a wide variety of four-wheeled vehicles, as well as a variety of other automotive products, to suit your taste and price.

4. ASTRA FMS Technology

SERA has also developed a sophisticated information and technology-based system for customer satisfaction. The system is called ASTRA FMS, which makes it easier to manage the transportation process efficiently and effectively.

SERA ASTRA complements FMS with various advanced functions that make managing your transport easier. In addition, you can monitor vehicles in real-time, generate driver performance reports, generate operational expense reports, and more.

The result

PT Serasi Autora has confirmed itself to manage the logistics and transportation business. The various services provided by the above logistics and transport sector are proof of SERA’s commitment to provide the best service for consumers.

One of the best forms of service provided to consumers is the availability of the best and most reliable logistics and transportation service products. In terms of human resources development, SERA also continues to build skilled and professional human resources.

Eventually, SERA became a leading company providing logistics and transportation services. In line with business development and market needs, SERA will continue to expand to develop logistics and transportation services.

There are not many logistics companies in Indonesia that have the best service with various advantages provided by consumers. PT Serasi is a successful example of a company that can provide Autora with the best service in both logistics and transportation.