Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors


Although it looks simple, choosing a house paint for a simple house still requires careful consideration. Instead of being beautiful and elegant, the look and feel of the house can be chaotic if you choose the wrong color. This is because there are some simple home colors that are not suitable for certain spaces.

Are you confused about choosing a simple house color? Following are various simple house color inspirations that are popularly used for residential interiors and exteriors.

Simple home colors for the living room

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors

©Aaksen Responsible Architecture

As a place to receive guests, relatives or friends who come to visit, the living room certainly requires more attention. The living room will show the first impression of the entire interior of the house.

White has always been a favorite as a simple minimalist house color for the living room. In addition to being bright, white can make the living room more spacious. White is also a neutral and flexible background for furniture or accents in the living room.

However, white is not the only simple home color for the living room. There is also a selection of simple yet elegant house paint colors for other living rooms such as cream (hexadecimal color code/hexadecimal code: #FFFDD0), beige (#F5F5DC), and ivory or ivory (#FFFFF0).

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Simple home colors for the living room can also be applied to the family room. To make the family room feel warmer and more intimate, add a pop of color to one side of the wall.

Simple beautiful house paint choices for the kitchen

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors

© Ballak Interior

When choosing simple house colors for the kitchen, neutral colors are always reliable. Therefore white color and cream can be selected.

Pale blue or colors light blue (#D7E5F0), soft gray or soft gray (#D2D2CF), blush pink (#FE828C), oatmeal (#CBC3B4), soft pumpkin (#E2A26E), or pistachio (#93C572) can be an option if you like soft kitchen colors. A simple, fresh and tasteful house color like bright orange (#fb9912) can also be used.

Simple yet luxurious home colors for the bathroom

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors

©Architectural Bureau KAD

In general, the bathroom always goes well with soft colors. In addition to giving the impression of relaxation, these colors can also be a sweet complement to the color of the skin to make bathing even more pleasant.

For example, you can choose the color ivory, gentle rose (#D0DFDA), soft gray, soft green or light green (#90EE90), pistachio, or taupe (#483C32). The transparency effect is enhanced by white color. For a warm effect, choose pale yellow or pale yellow (#FFFFBF) or bright orange.

Simple yet elegant home colors for the bed

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors

©Robert Kwok architect

One place in the house that needs extra attention is the bedroom. Choosing the wrong paint color will make a bed that is expected to be peaceful, quiet and private uncomfortable.

This requires simple soothing home colors. White is an easy choice for a soothing bedroom. However, there are other soothing color options, such as dark blue (#C2DFFF), dusty pink (#E1AD9D), pastel purple (#C3B1E1), teal blue or blue gray (#6699cc), sage green (#B2AC88), lavender (#E6E6FA) or beige neutral (#AE9882). For the ceiling, white will match all colors.

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Simple house exterior color

Selection of simple colors for residential interiors and exteriors


Combination of colors of walls, entrance doors, trimming, windows and various other external elements of the house become a visual ‘greeting’ before someone enters it. The right combination will make the house look beautiful and cozy.

Like the previous interior paint colors, the exterior colors are not too different from the selection process. Neutral and soothing colors are a reliable choice.

The easiest example is to use white as the main color of the exterior and use one type of light color to clean the main door, for example blue. However, a mix of neutral colors such as paint can also be tried beige as the main color in combination with white for other elements such as window frames, doors, fence terraces and more.

If you like to experiment, primary colors can also be used for simple exterior house colors. Choose one color as the main color and another color for the accent color. For example, you can use dark blue as a wall color. Meanwhile, the door turns bright yellow. As a sweetener, you can paint the house number plate bright red.

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Therefore, we present a variety of popular simple house color inspirations for residential interiors and exteriors. Entrust the process of planning and building your dream home only to professionals who are members of lacrymosemedia!