Saray Zargar Seser Jewelry Market in Medan

Saray Zargar Seser Jewelry Market in Medan

on time, – Meeting the demand for jewelry in Medan, The Palace Jeweler is expanding its business again by opening a new outlet at Center Point Mall and introducing a jewelry brand called “National Jeweler”.

This is The Palace Jeweler’s third outlet in Medan. The Palace Jeweler is a jewelery brand that is part of Central Mega Kencana (CMK). CMK is Southeast Asia’s largest jewelry retailer.

Established since the 1970s, CMK, MONDIAL, Frank & co. and consistently delivers quality jewelry collections through jewelry brands such as The Palace Jeweler.

Jelita Setifa, CEO of The Palace Jeweler, said that The Palace Jeweler’s third outlet in Medan is part of The Palace Jeweler’s efforts to strengthen its services to be closer to jewelry lovers in Medan.

“With the opening of The Palace Jeweler at Center Point Mall Medan, it is hoped to make it easier for the residents of Medan and its environs to find quality gold and diamond jewelry to suit their needs and desires. It is also a testament to Saray Zargari’s commitment to implement the 3T ‘Thercomplete, Therjamin, Therreach’ concept that it always carries with it in every activity,” he said on Friday (27/1).

The opening of this new store also proves The Palace Jeweler’s commitment to providing a variety of jewelry collections that are easily accessible to the Indonesian people. Like the previous outlets, this new outlet at Center Point Mall Medan carries the megastore concept of “one-stop jewelry shopping”.

“Thus, consumers don’t even need to shop around to find jewelry that suits their wants and needs. From gold jewellery, diamond jewelery to precious stones, everything is available at The Palace Jeweler. Consumers can also find a variety of jewelry for different needs, such as gift jewelry such as wedding rings, engagement rings, pendants and bracelets.”

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The megastore concept unveiled at the new Center Point Mall is actually not far from The Palace Jeweler’s main motto, which is 3T or “Therlengkap, Therreach and Therjamin”.

“The most complete” because The Palace Jeweler offers a unique shopping experience by offering the most complete range of jewelry collections available in one store.

“Saray Zargari offers gold jewelry, diamond jewelry of various colors and levels of transparency, zircon, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald. The quality of the offered materials also varies from international standards to the most economical ones.

“Affordable” because Saray Zargeri provides jewelry at affordable prices. One of them can be found in the MOELA diamond jewelry collection starting at Rp 888,000. This makes it easier for consumers who want to own a variety of quality jewelry collections at affordable prices.

“Therjamin” because Saray Zargeri ensures that all offered jewelry is of the highest quality. All information regarding the various qualities of diamonds and the accuracy of gold prices will be communicated openly and transparently. Saray Zargeri uses 18 carat gold (with 75.5% gold content) according to international standards and SNI 13-3487-2005 Certificate.

“This is because all of The Palace Jeweler’s jewelery has undergone strict quality control (QC) procedures as per CMK standards. So customers can always be sure of the quality of the jewelry they buy. To revive the moment of opening a new outlet at Center Point Mall Medan,” he said. (wool/eco/d1)