San Gyu’s Latest Innovation by Hangry presents an Economical Japanese Style Gyu-Nomis Menu

San Gyu’s Latest Innovation by Hangry presents an Economical Japanese Style Gyu-Nomis Menu – San Gyu by Hangry, the Japanese comfort food brand of multi-brand culinary company Hangry, continues to innovate to provide customers with complete options. Today, San Gyu by Hangry introduced Gyu-Nomis, an economical Japanese-style menu option. Filled with boneless chicken cut into small pieces and then wrapped in flour dough, Gyu-Nomis offers a choice of 2 (two) sauces.

The 2 (two) menu options that customers can choose from this series are Gyu-Nomis A and Gyu-Nomis B. These two menus are available starting at Rp 28,000 at all Hangry outlets in Bandung, Greater Jakarta. , Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and Makassar through the customer’s favorite food delivery service application.

Gyu-Nomis serves a rice combo with side dishes, where San Gyu by Hangry is paired with Japanese rice and crispy fried chicken with Teriyaki sauce or Hickory Smoke.

“We added this menu to provide more types of Japanese food that customers can enjoy. We hope that with Gyu-Nomis, customers can have more affordable menu options than San Gyu by Hangry, and be the food of choice for more customer moments. Furthermore, we hope it will better promote San Gyu by Hangry as Japan’s home-style food brand with guaranteed quality, taste and value propositions,” said Hangry CEO Abraham Victor.

The Gyu-Nomis menu can be enjoyed starting from Rp 28,000 and comes in a choice of 2 (two) sauces, namely:

– Gyu-Nomis A with Teriyaki Sauce is a bite-sized, boneless, boneless fried chicken strip covered in Teriyaki sauce that has a salty and sweet Japanese flavor.

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– Gyu-Nomis B with Hickory Smoke Sauce is a crispy boneless fried chicken strip with a thick sauce that has a fresh savory and sour taste.

To begin with, San Gyu by Hangry is offering promotions for Gyu-Nomis packages with discounts of up to 25% and food packages for two starting from Rp. 30,000 for the delivery service used.

“This tori menu, or small pieces of chicken, is a new type of side dish offered by Hangry by Sangyu. After the success of tori katsu and tori steak, San Gyu by Hangry hopes that this new type of side dish can follow the success of other tori menus and appeal to more customers,” concluded Abraham. (Wol/rls/ega/d1)