Roof Construction in Wood Vs Light Steel, Which is Better to Choose?

Roof Construction in Wood Vs Light Steel, Which is Better to Choose?

light steel roof

Wood roof framing vs. mild steel, which is best for your roof framing? Here is the comparison!

Wood and mild steel materials are the most used materials in the construction of roofs.

In the past, wood was a material that was always used to make roof frames for houses.

But over time, mild steel is increasingly in demand as an alternative material.

Hand yeah really who is better? Wood roof or mild steel? lists a comparison of the two from many aspects.

Yukwatch to find out who is the best!

Comparison of light steel versus wood roofs

1. Price

comparison of mild steel roofs vs wood roofs

Mild steel vs. wood which is cheaper?

When comparing the price of wood versus mild steel, the initial question that often comes up is the price comparison.

Before its availability decreased, wood was much cheaper than steel.

However, in recent years, wood prices have fluctuated sharply.

Meanwhile, mild steel is still easy to find, because the price does not fluctuate.

In terms of installation, steel frames are easier and faster to install.

This means that light steel roofs are cheaper both in terms of materials and processing costs.

One of the most recommended light steel roofs for use in commercial or residential buildings is BlueScope Zacs®.


BlueScope Zacs® Cool Blue Bromo

BlueScope Zacs® offers quality, competitive prices, even to installation workers who are experts in their fields.

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Friends of 99, in addition to having a high quality, light steel roof from BlueScope Zacs® has three variants viz Natural, Cool and Bare.

All their products have obtained SNI as well as international standards from Australia.

Not only quality, BlueScope Zacs products of light steel roofs also have 10 year warranty for rust resistance and 5 year warranty for color resistance.

price spanroof BlueScope Zacs® can be seen in the table below:

In addition to the three roofs of light steel roofing products, BlueScope Zacs® also has a light steel roof truss product, namely BlueScope Zacs® Truss.

Here is a list of the price range:

2. Strength

mild steel vs wood -

Wooden roofs tend to be porous and susceptible to termites, plus the quality of the wood is not as good as teak wood.

Therefore, you have to leave pocket more than choosing termite-resistant wood.

Meanwhile, mild steel is more resistant to termites, and compared to conventional steel, mild steel does not rust easily.

So when compared, the strength of mild steel versus wood, mild steel is stronger.

3. Moisture resistance

The roof of the house will certainly be exposed to continuous moisture.

Wooden frames can easily rot and mold if they are exposed to moisture often.

While mild steel can rust quickly when exposed to moisture continuously.

However, mild steel can be coated with anti-rust liquid, while wood needs it treatment specifically to be more resistant to moisture.

4. Impact on the environment

mild steel vs wood -

The wood material is obtained by cutting existing trees.

The supply of trees is decreasing from time to time.

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Meanwhile, mild steel is made of various basic materials that are still common.

From a sustainable perspective, wood is actually more environmentally friendly than steel.

This is because wood is made of organic materials, while the process of making steel can pollute the environment.

5. Durability

If you choose a good quality wood, such as teak wood or trembesi, then a wooden roof can last for decades, as long as it is protected from moisture.

Standardized mild steel can last more than 10 years without rust.

6. Safety from electricity

BlueScope Zacs® Natural Coklat Amara

BlueScope Zacs® Natural Coklat Amara

Wood is an insulator, meaning an object that does not conduct electricity.

Meanwhile, mild steel is a conductor, that is, it can conduct electricity quickly.

Using wood as a roof frame tends to be safer from electricity than mild steel frames.

Therefore, you need to close the electrical system in the attic with PVC pipes, or turn off the electricity first before repairing.

7. Ease of Installation

Installing a wooden roof frame takes longer than mild steel.

But the positive is, almost all builders in Indonesia can do it.

Meanwhile, mild steel is easier to install because it has been assembled before, but not all builders can do it.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each before choosing

In conclusion, when you want to consider mild steel or wood, the answer depends on the condition of the house.

This is because wood and mild steel have their advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure you do some research to find out which one is best for your residential building.

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