Review the office layout for more productive work

Review the office layout for more productive work

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The office layout is the division of the layout of the rooms in the office. The purpose of the office layout is to differentiate the function of each room or area in the office. And not only that, its implementation brings benefits of office decoration in the form of increased performance and productivity of employees. A good office layout will provide comfort in work and encourage enthusiasm for work.

Parallel to the time, offices started applying a unique concept to their office layout. The office space is no longer just a table and work chair in high partitions, but has been modified into various contemporary concepts.

Behind this modern concept, we can divide the types of office layout into several basic concepts, namely closed office layout, open office layout and open and closed office layout.

Open office layout

Recently, many offices have implemented the concept of an open office layout. This concept gives employees the freedom to sit and work wherever they want. An open office layout also makes the office space more spacious as there are no partitions in the form of walls or partitions that restrict movement.

Review the office layout for more productive work

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The open layout of the office brings a more pleasant atmosphere. For example, the look of an open office can provide bean bag soft as a substitute for tables and chairs for employees. We hope that this flexibility can make employees not feel tired quickly during working hours to increase productivity.

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Review the office layout for more productive work

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Closed office schedule

Although more and more offices are applying the concept of open office design, this does not mean that closed offices are outdated and unsuitable for use. A closed office also has several advantages over an open office.

There is a room or cabin create a closed office layout that will allow more privacy for employees. The functions of each space also become clearer, so the arrangement of furniture becomes easier. Obstacles in closed office spaces are also sometimes necessary for employees who find it easier to concentrate when they work in a private space than in an open space.

Review the office layout for more productive work

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Today’s indoor office layout sketches are usually made with walls cabin the lower one. This allows employees privacy, but they can still socialize with colleagues in their room.

Review the office layout for more productive work


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Open and closed office layout

Office layout can also be present by combining two concepts of office layout. Open and closed office layouts give employees the flexibility to work where they want, but also satisfy the need for enclosed spaces. In everyday work, of course, there are times when workers need a closed space, such as routine meetings or meetings with important guests.

Review the office layout for more productive work


This is an overview of office layouts for more productive work. Visit lacrymosemedia for more articles and other interior and office design inspiration. Also find a number of architects and interior designers who are ready to help you realize your dream design.

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