Renovation of an Almost Destroyed Used House with Charming Results

Renovation of an Almost Destroyed Used House with Charming Results

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Remodeling a used house, from scratch to looking brand new, is an interesting process. Follow the powerful tips and tricks, here!

Many couples have had an idea of ​​their dream home since they were not married.

When it is time to have a home, not a few choose to buy a new home ready for use.

On the other hand, there are also couples who choose the way a little less mainstream renovation of a used house.

Why do people want to go to the trouble of renovating a used house, even if it is easier to buy a house ready to use?

Maybe some of you are asking that.

nah for those of you who are curious and still hesitant to do it, yuk Check out the inspiration for Ari Pujianti’s residency below!

Renovation of an Old House that is Almost Destroyed

Artificial residential pool developer In general, the house that Ari and her husband bought in Cibubur, Bogor Regency has a very standard predetermined design.

There are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a not so big living room, and a front and back garden.

Renovation of the house

Before being renovated, the house seemed cramped due to the presence of an integrated bulkhead.

In addition, the condition is very old, one of which can be seen from the roof that has been destroyed by termites.

“The default ceiling of developer standard wood fabric roof. When we bought already destroyed by termites, also destroyed. Finally, all our roofs are replaced with mild steel. Coated with aluminum so that no hot and if later there is a tile slidingrain water no leaked,” wrote Ari, via the Instagram account @arirhams.

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Renovation of the house

Meanwhile, while talking to some time ago, Ari said that the construction area of ​​the house has increased to 137 m² after the renovation.

In addition, there are changes layout and the number of rooms as follows:

  • The room space is increased to four
  • Bath in two
  • The living room becomes more spacious thanks to the loss of the partition (consisting of the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the viewing room)
  • There is a prayer room
  • And there is a third plan that is used as laundry area.

Renovation of the house

Renovation of the house

Concept of building a house without help

Already saved the account Instagram belongs to this mother of two children, Friend 99?

Yes, this house has quite a unique design, namely, home

The exterior and interior of the residence are dominated by white.

Meanwhile, there are also exposed wood, iron and brick elements that are thick with effects rustic

Renovation of the house

Very interesting and so inviting isn’t it?

Investigate a calibration, it turns out that Ari did the design and decoration of this house himself without the help of renovation services, you know!

Renovation of the house

Ari said, before renovating the old house, he and his husband had chosen the design concept to be used, that is, home

This style is one of the derivatives of Classic American style and is still quite rarely used in Indonesian homes.

Choose an agriturismo why not yet mainstream. The adaptation of his own style is not too heavy. We can use natural furniture and also results recycle. If this style was chosen before the renovation. We have added to every feature of the room. Even a small part like a wall, we projected what it will be,” Ari told

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Renovation of the house

After that, all the design and decoration of every part of this house was carefully thought out by Ari.

After discussing with her husband about her wishes, she then sketched on millimeter paper blocked

In addition, the concept was thrown to the craftsman who carried out the renovation process.

A part of the house that is made in detail like a stylish residence home it’s a part roof

Renovation of the house

Although it makes husbands and builders confused, but the results of the design can be poured very well.

All these home decoration and design ideas are the result of Ari’s research from various sources.

Renovation of the house

He mentioned some of the media he relied on Pinterest as well as several architectural magazines.

Little Happy Nest, that’s what Ari called his home.

Renovation of the house

Renovation of the house

The process of renovating a used house that took about 10 months was carefully controlled by her and her husband.

Ari admitted that during that time he and his family had rented a contract near the house so that they could be monitored.

Ari’s home renovation costs

The house with a land area of ​​136 m² was bought by Ari and her husband at a price of Rp 800 million.

Meanwhile, the costs needed to renovate the old house cost about Rp 200 million.

Renovation of the house

According to him, all costs are cheaper when compared to buying new ones.

“They say it’s cheaper, it’s true but the difference is slim yeah houses in cluster This new price reached Rp 1 billion. Although the total cost is a little different, we are more satisfied. for what we can adjust the number of rooms as needed. Oh yes, Renovation costs include furniture,” he said.

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Wow, indeed good concept and well conceived of?

Friend 99, I hope Ari’s used home renovation ideas can be useful for you!

Want more inspiration from Ari? Go to -> @arirhams.

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