Refrigeration of chocolate is not recommended – Online Alert

Refrigeration of chocolate is not recommended – Online Alert People prefer to refrigerate chocolate for fear of melting. In fact, some people prefer to enjoy their chocolate cold.

However, many people don’t know that chocolate should not be stored at too cold a temperature because it can spoil the taste.

Gourmet Technical Developer Barry Callabout Indonesia Ferrial Ekbar, or as it is commonly called Chef Ferrial, chocolate should be stored at a temperature of 12-20 degrees.

“Ideally, you don’t need to keep it in the fridge, keep it in a dry room, it’s not hot. If there’s an airtight container, that’s it,” said Chef Ferrial Between.

Additionally, Chef Ferrial explained that when chocolate is refrigerated at a temperature that is too cold, it will cause the fat to bloom and the sugar to bloom, or bubbles of fat and sugar to appear on the surface of the chocolate.

Oil stains on the surface of the chocolate will disappear by themselves if the temperature is normal. The sugar will not go away while it blooms and the chocolate can damage it because it is mixed with water.

Chocolate itself should not come into contact with water, even in small amounts.

“Sugar flowers are actually rare, so they ran out of sugar. Sugar comes out, sometimes there is water, it is spoiled and mixed.”

Chef Ferrial also said that chocolate, which is usually used to make cakes, should not be refrigerated. Because it will curdle when cooked.

“Sometimes something is used immediately, the chocolate is collected because it is mixed with water. You can just leave it at room temperature for half an hour, but the results are not the same as early chocolate,” said Chef Ferrial.

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Chef Ferrial suggests that if you really want to store chocolate in the refrigerator, set the refrigerator temperature first. Also, don’t put chocolate in a smelly room.(okz/wol/d1)