PT BBC Markets Health & Beauty Products in Padang

PT BBC Markets Health & Beauty Products in Padang

PADANG, – PT Berniaga Berkah Cemerlang (BBC), established in February 2021, engages in the marketing of health and beauty products made from herbal ingredients, which have attracted great public interest.

PT BBC continues to market its products using a multi-level marketing system. PT BBC packages its products securely to make distribution of its products more effective and efficient.

BBC leader Coky S said PT BBC has a mission to train many entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs through the business system.

“Previously, to expand the product marketing network and recruit business partners, PT BBC held a BOP (Business Opportunity Presentation) in the form of product explanations and business partnerships in the North Sumatra region, as well as in Padang City, West Sumatra,” he said on Sunday (11/13).

Later in Padang, BBC Underline was incorporated into a briefing and training session for leaders in the COKY network.

“And with more than 200 participants who are members of the Chinese women’s association WHTT organization, and for those who need more information about BBC health and beauty products, a business system that has been felt by many users and produced thousands of successful entrepreneurs. please number 0811635877 contact,” he said.(wool/eco/d1)

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