Poodle Dog: Traits, Characteristics, and How to Take Care of Him

Poodle Dog: Traits, Characteristics, and How to Take Care of Him

poodle dog
Source: Unsplash / Steven Van Elk

dog poodles or a poodle be one pet the world’s favorite. You see, this dog has a funny and adorable character. Not surprisingly, many do type of dog this as a friend for the house.

In the beginning, this dog was very popular in France, because it was used as a companion animal among the nobility.

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Poodles are one of the most recognized breeds for their intelligence, ability to train quickly, hypoallergenic coat and affectionate personality.

How? So interested in keeping? Before that, we want to share interesting information that you can use as a reference to raise a dog poodles, starting from the characteristics, characteristics, to how to care for it. Come, see!

What are the characteristics of dogs? Poodles?

poodle dog
Credit: Pexels/Berend de Kort

dog poodles famous for her beautiful and unique body shape. Well, here are some common characteristics of dogs poodles

  1. A slightly elongated head shape.
  2. The color of fur varies, such as brown, black, white, gray and cream.
  3. It has thick, curly fur.
  4. It has round eyes with black, dark brown or yellow.
  5. There are three sizes poodleswhich is standard with a height of 22-60 cm, toy with a height of 22-27 cm, and a miniature with a height of 27-35 cm.
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So, what are the characteristics of dogs Poodles?

poodle dog
Source: Unsplash / Nick Fewings

dog poodles they generally have a cheerful nature, loyal, adaptable, always alert, active, and have a strong instinct. They are also very intelligent dogs, so you can train them easily.

This is what it does poodles can be a pet as a good friend for the house. Do not worry, if you are interested in keeping, this dog is also very understanding and easy to understand the feelings of its owner..

If you are sad or have a lot of problems, poodles he could just be carried away and feel the same way because he has a high sense of empathy. As mentioned above, dogs poodles have three dimensions.

Interestingly, each size of poodle has different characteristics. For example, for poodles standard, the character is very passionate, but tends to be introverted.

The characteristics of miniature poodles are usually more subdued and active. Regarding the characteristics of poodle dogs toyThey are very sweet and spoiled.

So how about choosing which one to keep, right?

How to treat a dog Poodles?

After knowing the characteristics and characteristics of dogs poodlesWe also want to share tips if you want to take care of dogs poodlessuch as the following.

1. Give vaccines

poodle dog
Source: Unsplash/Tra Tran

Not only humans need vaccines, but dogs also need them to avoid diseases.

If you want to keep it poodlesYou can give vaccines against rabies, parvo, distemper, flu, and Lyme disease. In addition to that, we must also give flea and worm medicine for dogs poodles.

2. Establish a dog bathing schedule

The habit of bathing should also not be forgotten, you know. You can set a dog bathing schedule poodles for once a month to not dry the skin. Be sure to use a special shampoo for dogs because their skin is sensitive.

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3. Give him dental and ear care

In addition to bathing the dog, you need to brush the teeth with a special toothpaste. So, give it dental mastication that can help clean their teeth on the back.

Also, pay attention to their ears. If the coat is thick, the ear canal can be blocked and difficult to remove the wax. Therefore, you should regularly trim the dog’s ear hair.

4. Routinely Combing Her Fur and Clipping Her Nails

poodle dog
Source: Pexels/Pixabay

dog poodles it has curly and thick fur, so you have to comb it regularly so that it doesn’t get tangled. If you want to comb it, spray some water on the dog to make it easier.

So, make sure you trim your dog’s nails regularly agars are not too long, so you don’t hurt them when you scratch the body.

5. Train him to socialize

It is not only the dog’s physique that needs to be treated, but also needs to be trained to socialize. In this way, the dog can become more friendly and understanding. They will also be more adaptable and get along with other animals.

So, there are the characteristics, the characteristics, and also how to care for dogs poodles. Make sure you already know these things before you keep them, ok?

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