Polyester Material: Types and Advantages

Polyester Material: Types and Advantages

polyester material

Having a sofa and a soft bed makes us feel more comfortable. One way is to use sheets and sofa covers made of polyester.

In addition to being soft, this material is not easy to wrinkle even if we still use it every day. So, in terms of maintenance, it is quite easy. We can vacuum dirt and dust using it vacuum cleaner right

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No wonder, if the material polyester became a fabric material of the interior of the house that is very popular with many people. Well, there are many types of materials polyester that we can use.

What are the types of materials Polyester?

Launching from many sources, here are the various types of materials polyester that we usually use, both for clothes and home interiors.

1. Bahan Lacoste CVC Pique

Lacoste CVC peak it is a mixture of substances polyester with the cotton we usually find in clothes like t-shirts. The surface structure is quite rough and has a fairly large pore. However, this material can absorb body sweat.

2. Woven material

Unlike the above types, woven materials are only used polyester right In any case, the character of the fibers are mutually binding because they pass through the weaving process. You will usually find fabrics in various clothing and interior upholstery.

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polyester material
Woven materials are usually found in clothing suitable for outdoor activities

3. Materials Polyethylene (PE)

The same with fabric, PE material or polyethylene it is also polyester which is not mixed with other ingredients. In general, PE is known to be lighter than fabric and can also be found in clothing.

What are the advantages of the materials Polyester?

There are many advantages of the material polyesterr as a home interior fabric, as follows.

1. Durable

This material is known to be quite durable and can be used for a long time. You see, every fiber of the fabric inside is very strong and binding, so it is not easy to stretch and tear. This material is also safe to be washed several times with the washing machine.

polyester material
In contrast to other materials, polyester has strong fibers, so it is safe if washed in the machine

2. It is not easy to smudge

The material that stains easily is a little annoying. However, polyester able to withstand the presence of wrinkles so that its shape can remain good even if it is often used. In fact, this material does not need to be ironed too often to be smooth.

3. Light

When compared to cotton, fabric polyester It has a lighter and smoother texture. However, its use is maximized during the rainy season because the surface can withstand a hot feeling.

Because when the weather is hot, cloth polyester it can also trap sweat on our skin so it feels warmer.

4. Dries quickly when dry

Materials made of cotton can dry completely if placed in the sun for 3-5 hours. However, material polyester it only takes at least 2 hours to dry.

polyester material
Polyester clothes, sheets and blankets dry faster when dried in the sun

Recommended home materials Polyester

With the various advantages above, have domestic appliances made by polyester so more profitable than others, right? Therefore, we have several recommendations for domestic equipment from this fabric material.

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1. Sheets

When we sleep, we want to lie on a soft and comfortable mattress. However, the use of sheets also has an important effect on the level of comfort.

You can choose that fact polyester to be soft and minimize skin rashes, such as the choice of sheets below.

polyester sheets
Sleeplite 180×200+30 Cm Set 10 Pcs Seprai Polyester Flowers – Pink

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2. Cloaks

Sleep can be better if you use a blanket, especially during the rainy season. Sheets polyester it has a smooth and soft surface that provides more warmth to the body.

In addition, you can use a blanket as an additional sofa decoration.

polyester blanket
Informa 150×200 Cm Lousvart Polyester Blanket – Blue Rose

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3. Bed cover

If you don’t want to worry about buying sheets and blankets one by one, you can choose immediately. bed cover. Choose a bright color to make the room look more cheerful and fun. This is the recommendation bed cover material polyester that you can use.

bahan polyester bed cover
Sleeplite 120×200 Bed Cover Polyester Flower Reyna – Ungu

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4. Curtains

Curtains made of polyester have a long time of use. In addition, the material that does not wrinkle easily makes the window more beautiful.

In addition, you can also decorate the bathroom with curtains polyester modeled, as recommended below.

polyester curtains
Kris 180×200 cm Polyester Feather Bathroom Curtain – Black

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That’s all the polyester material you need to know, starting from the types, advantages and recommendations for household appliances that you can get on the site. www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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