Persistence Becomes Henna Artist Until MC Jayanti Leads To Success – Alert Online

Persistence Becomes Henna Artist Until MC Jayanti Leads To Success – Alert Online

on time, – Known as Jayanti Mandasari or Jayanti Mahendi, a 35-year-old woman from Medan has been doing henna art for about 14 years and it has now become her profession.

This mother of two started her henna career a few years ago at the end of her studies at Medan State University (Unimed).

The woman, named Jay, said that drawing has been her passion since elementary school. Thus, the call of the heart to become a “Henna artist” has been decidedly chosen.

“Maintaining an existence throughout the 14-year journey of a henna career is not as easy as we imagine. There have also been many ups and downs that I have missed out on to be widely recognized today. I now apply the marketing knowledge I gained at work to the profession of a henna artist. From traditional marketing to digital marketing,” he said and flashed a sweet smile.

So now henna artists are starting to emerge, which forces them to be more creative in improving their henna carvings, but also to be different so that potential customers can choose us as the henna artist that consumers like.

“Not only that, price competition has become one of the main problems of the henna business world. However, the price can be overcome by proving neat carvings, quality henna products and services that consumers like.”

In addition to being a henna artist, Jayanti Mahendi has honed her skills as a Master of Ceremonies (MC), especially at traditional West Sumatra events.

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Seeing Indonesia with different tribes and of course different traditional traditions. Weddings in Indonesia certainly have many traditions, one of which is the Bainai Night before the wedding, which is a Minang custom from West Sumatra.

“Banai night is a traditional Minang tradition performed before the wedding day arrives. In this event, there are several processions to be performed by the bride,” he explained.

In fact, Anak Daro, as the bride is called, will wear special traditional clothes for the Bainai Night procession. This dress is called Tokah Shirt. Not only that, Anak Daro will also wear a suntiang, a traditional Minang headdress. However, the suntiang used in this procession is different from the one used on the wedding day.

“And it’s not just an advantage, he got into this profession while in college. In the past, I have often been asked to host events at several organizations that I have attended. So when I became the Bainai Night MC, I immediately did,” he said.

This Minang woman hails from Pariaman with her father named late H Suhermanto Sikumbang and mother Hj Zuliaty Koto. Based on the clan’s matrilineal or maternal lineage, with the surname Koto derived from the mother according to Minang custom.

“Now that I have presided over the Bainai Malam traditional event three times, I want to step up my profession as a Bainai Night MC again with the hope that the Minangkabau cultural customs can continue to be preserved and practiced according to their original customs,” said Jayanti.

Where this tradition was first practiced as a way to give up enhancers for the bride and groom before the happy day. This tradition is held not only as a symbol of the release of the bride from her celibacy, but as a moment when the whole family gathers to bless and pray.

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“So I’m good at both because I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way,” he said. (wool/eco/d1)