Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!

Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!


Arbors are not new. The gazebo-shaped structure has been known for a long time since the ancient Greeks and Romans in the West and in the era of the ancient dynasties of China and Japan. During his time, gazebos were built in certain places in honor of the gods, meditation or tea ceremonies. However, now everyone can build a gazebo at home with their own personal goals.

The unique design of the gazebo will surely make the atmosphere of your home more impressive. For those of you planning to build a gazebo, here are 6 things you need to know about gazebos!

Meet the gazebo

Gazebo is one of the names for this outdoor structure. However, the term gazebo is a combination of the English word view which means to look at the Latin word as well eh which means i will. In addition, gazebos have other names, such as tea house, summer housepavilions, rotundas, pergolas, huts and viewpoints.

Currently, the design of the gazebo is known as an open-roof structure that is built outside the main building of the house. Gazebo designs have chairs or similar and can be realized with different materials, such as wooden gazebo designs, simple bamboo gazebo designs, to metal.

Currently, gazebos are usually built in garden areas. In addition to sitting and relaxing outside the room, the gazebo can also be a place to rest focuswhich is a point of attention that makes the overall view of the garden or outdoor space even more impressive.

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Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!

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Arbor shape

Classic gazebo designs are mostly hexagonal (hexagonal) or octagonal (octagonal). Classic gazebo roofs are usually dome or cupola shaped. However, currently the design of the observation deck does not only use these two forms.

There are a variety of unique gazebo designs to choose from. With a variety of materials that can be used, the modern minimalist gazebo design is one of the most popular gazebo designs today. The shape of the roof also varies. Gazebo designs with pyramidal roofs, pagodas, flat roofs or a combination of these shapes can be applied.

The design of the gazebo is usually not walled. However, low walls or transparent partition bars can sometimes be added for added privacy. The modern minimalist design of the gazebo does not contain only one or two chairs. Sofas, dining tables, desks or even beds can be added according to your wishes and needs in creating a gazebo.

Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!

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Arbor material

The materials for realizing the gazebo design vary, for example, simple bamboo gazebo design, wooden gazebo design, concrete or metal. For a unique gazebo design that is durable and sturdy, a concrete gazebo can be an option. If you want a lighter gazebo design that remains strong, metal gazebo designs such as wrought iron, cast iron, steel stainless, or aluminum can be selected. These material choices are perfect for a modern minimalist gazebo design.

For unique gazebo designs that look natural, wooden gazebo designs and simple bamboo gazebo designs can be the mainstay. Choose hardwoods such as teak, coconut wood, merbau wood, rosewood or trembesi wood. The design of the wooden gazebo leaves an impression rustic luxury, especially if you use quality wood. If you want to make a small fresh gazebo, a simple bamboo gazebo design can be the answer. To make this modern saung model, you can choose bamboo wulung, apus, petung, ori or a combination of them.

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The materials for the roof of the observatory also differ. Right now. You can choose a roof for the gazebo made of metal, fibers, polycarbonate, glass, tiles, shingles, bitumen, soft roof, or even thatched roofs. The choice of tiles, wood or straw can be an option in the realization of a unique gazebo design that looks natural. The design of the wooden gazebo also suits these different types of roofs. The modern minimalist design of the gazebo suits modern types of roofs such as metal and fiber. For gazebos that are temporary in nature, design a portable gazebo with a canvas roof or similar, such as soft roof can be optional.

Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!

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Gazebo Size

Make sure the size of the gazebo design matches the size of your home garden or garden as not all gazebo sizes may be suitable for your plot. Ideally, the right design of the gazebo will not make the garden and the house cluttered. The unique design of the gazebo makes it harmonious in the existing domestic land. You can also comfortably enjoy the atmosphere of the garden from inside the gazebo.

Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!

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A kind of lookout point

There are two types of gazebos, namely permanent gazebos and temporary gazebos. If you want your gazebo design to be a permanent part of your home’s garden, a permanent gazebo may be an option. Weather gazebo that usually has roofing material soft roof may be an option if you only need to use it occasionally for certain events.

The shape and design of the gazebo

Apart from the classic hexagonal and octagonal shapes of gazebos, gazebo designs come in different shapes such as round, square and oval (oval). If the area of ​​the garden is sufficient for a large gazebo design, rectangular and decagonal gazebo shapes can also be used.

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There are many unique gazebo designs currently being offered. However, there is no gazebo design that can be 100% suitable for all apartments. Therefore, it is necessary to create a custom design from scratch for your home to achieve a unique gazebo design that suits your taste. The unique shapes and designs of gazebos must be designed to match the overall design style of the house.

Pay attention to the following 6 things to create a unique gazebo design!


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So, 6 essential things about the unique gazebo design that you must consider when you want to build one in your home. Create your home with the materials and design styles you want, only with lacrymosemedia!